The Avengers- Recent Blu Ray Release


The Avengers came out September 25th on Blu-Ray, and figured it to be a great film to discuss for a first blog.  I mean its comic books and movie rolled into awesomeness who wouldn’t want to hear me troll on about it.  As someone who has been inspired by good and evil in the world of comic books at a young age, I want as many people to appreciate these kinds of films, even if you don’t consider yourself a geek.

The film is a culmination of ten years of scheming by Marvel Studios to bring all of their major comic book heroes into one epic movie.   Giving each one of the heroes his own film but loosely tying them together so the world of Marvel felt like one universe and giving more back story leading to The Avengers.  This is one of the smartest decisions Marvel Studios made in regards to their films.  Connecting the various films gave gravity and dimension to them; which is exactly why people love reading Marvel and DC comics.  I love that Spider-man and the Fantastic Four lived in New York City and in any given comic Spider-man might stop by the Baxter Building to play X-Box Kinect.

The film plays on the strengths of most movies with multiple heroes; showing the group come together, a protagonist that makes them question becoming a team, and a final big action sequence highlighting each characters unique ass kicking style.  These are not new to the medium of film or comics, but what makes Avengers a pleasure to watch even to someone who doesn’t know the difference between Batman and Man-bat is the whimsy and joy these elements are executed on screen.  Director Joss Whedon use the first three fourths of the film reintroducing these heroes (even though most have had their own movies) and by the end of the film all you want to do is see them just save the world from anonymous evil alien type creatures.  Which is the one flaw of the film because they just seem like an after thought and were not inspired by any creatures or aliens from any Marvel comic. Although, hopefully we get to see more of Thanos in the future, since it seems he was behind all the shit that happened on earth, and was the one who provided Loki with the army he needed.  In all if you like comic books you have already seen the film.  If you are curious to the world of geek then The Avengers is great film to tease your palette into a larger world where good and evil well defined and most of the women have big racks.

Thank you for reading this first official blog of Geek Triumvirate.  Amanda, Andrew and I will have many more posting in the near future.  Including a commentary about Doctor Who from the three of us, World of Warcraft (or WoW for the MMORPG insiders), and all things zombies with a report from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.  Below will be some snarky commentary of this blog by Amanda and Andrew to give some balance to our opinions.  This will be common in our individual and co-written blogs because frankly one of us probably doesn’t like something another does (typically of most friends, right?).    Goal is to bring some goofy, geek opinions from our minds to yours and maybe even get you to shine your inner fandom for the entire world to see.   With that goal in mind, the next time you have a family meeting or a work conference call, start it with AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Amanda- I greatly enjoyed The Avengers I don’t own many run of the mill comics myself besides The Walking Dead (more like old school Doctor Who) so I didn’t have anything to draw from. I would say a major downfall would be not introducing Hawkeye in an appropriate manner, I for one didn’t know who he was and had to look prior to watching or I would have been stuck asking during the movie. As for the gross evil aliens that were fought I don’t really mind them not being from the comics as I feel it would hinder Whedon’s creativity.

3 Replies to “The Avengers- Recent Blu Ray Release”

  1. Kudos on your first blog!! Considered starting one recently, for now I’ll just vomit my thoughts on yours…


    I recently purchased Avengers Blu-Ray for my nephews birthday, and wow!! What a glorious conversion to Blu-Ray! By no means do I have an ideal viewing experience in my house (yet), but I couldn’t help but be impressed with the quality of picture.

    Live-action shots were crisp and vibrant. The CG looks beyond impressive, flexing the post-production team’s uncanny abilities. Too often, Blu-Ray conversions highlight CG imperfections, reminiscent of looking at yourself in the mirror under florescent lighting. The contentious prick in me wants moan about the final battle sequence’s visual “inconsistencies”. But this is where the cinematography really shines, with its constant fast-paced movement masking any CG slack. The one-shot swing to every Avenger STILL gives me chills!!


    Marvel’s long, methodical approach building up to The Avengers came with insane expectations. Whedon knocked it out of the park. As daunting as this was to take on, this burden of anxiousness is also the films greatest strength. To sit back and simply witness these characters interact with each other on screen, is most of the fun. Whedon used this to his advantage frequently. From Thor “putting the hammer down” on Cap and charging the Mark VI to 400%, to Stark’s antagonizing approach of unleashing Banner’s inner-beast. These interactions were tasteful and entertaining enough for audiences to feed on throughout the entire film.


    The Avengers was an absolute success. The bar has risen for Marvel films going forward. The sequel cannot survive on the same formula as the first film. Throwing all these heroes in the same room and saying “action” will not work as easily this time around.

    Guardians of the Galaxy should be an interesting wrinkle in the fold. I assume its purpose will be to smooth over the believability of Thanos’ story arc, but that remains to be seen. The reality of the Marvel universe have come a long way from Faverau’s Iron Man and so far, Marvel Studios has done a tremendous job to cautiously peel back its layers.

    Speaking of Iron Man, what happens when Robert Downey Jr. has had enough of the suit? He’s currently working on completing his own trilogy, and we all assume he’ll be back for the Avengers sequel. But I can’t see him signing up for anything beyond that. His portrayal of Tony Stark was absolutely essential to The Avengers’ success. Marvel has to be extremely careful in how they handle this going forward. I assume he will take a smaller role in the Avengers sequel, in hoping that the introduction of new characters will help fill the void. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    This has been fun! Looking forward to Geek Triumvirate’s ongoing expansion!

    Ciao for now.

  2. Shane thanks for being our first comment. Agreed Guardians of the Galaxy should be interesting. Think with comic movies the further you get from Earth the harder it is to sell to a audience. I do trust director James Gunn will make it work. Plus Marvel has done a good job of picking directors perfect for each project. I think Robert Downey will find a way to stay involved as long as possible. He has come to really appreciate that Tony Stark gave him a second life in Hollywood. They may only do a second Avengers then see if they can explore more minor characters or just reboot everything.

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