An Undead Premiere


“Tell Nate not to text us anything, I’m gonna wait to turn it on so we can fast forward through commercials.” My husband tells me as he walks out of the kitchen.


“My phone is dead so don’t look at any texts from Nate” I say as I sit on couch moving the laptop to my lap to continue my mining in World of Warcraft.


“OH SHIT” -Andrew quickly reaching for the remote frantically searching for AMC

“What? Is it not recording?” -Me

“That’s what the ‘oh shit’ was for!”


“Well damn we must have missed something, look at scruffy Hershel.” -Andrew


Not exactly how you want the season premiere of The Walking Dead to start but it does give an extra mystery to the whole thing. LOL I would say we missed something as my obviously stating husband said 13 minutes of zombies ass kicking, which I have to admit was pretty awesome.

The last season ended with everyone running for their lives screaming and this season starts off with everyone reclaiming their strength. This new badassery is redemption from what we were seeing last season!

The transition between seasons was perfect, keeping the beginning of the episode as quiet as possible showing the new understanding of their situation. The scene with everyone in the living room staring at Carl as he opened a can of dog food was perfect; he was hungry and not afraid to eat whatever there was. Makes us wonder does eating dog food really put us in that position, since that was basically Rick’s reaction.

Our new character to the television show Michonne is exactly what we need, a female not afraid to do watch needs to be done without all the bitchiness that makes you want her to get eaten. (Let’s all admit it at one point or another last season we all wanted to see Andrea get taken down.)       A sword wielding, zombie slaying lady who likes to keep her men on a leash… come on who doesn’t like that! 😉

For anyone who has read to comics watching last night’s premiere makes you wonder if these characters have experienced a similar situation to the gated housing development which led to Rick’s three walk rounds of the prison. If you have not read the comics you should its fantastic.

I’ll let Nate take it from here; he and I have had countless conversations about The Walking Dead so it would only make sense to let him take over from here.

What Amanda and Andrew missed is one of the best five minutes of television I have ever seen, not quite the good as the opening credits to Perfect Strangers but it’s close.  Within those five minutes you get shoved straight into the world of The Walking Dead as the survivors with SWAT like precision take over a house and eliminated any “walkers” inside. Then begin scavenging for any food to feed their hungry bellies.  This whole opening sequence involves not a single word spoken.  The Walking Dead has managed to provide more drama than an entire season of NCSI in five minutes with not a single word being uttered.

From there the episode just gets more intense and has more zombie kills then most of season two. What I thoroughly enjoyed are the few fleeting moments spend not killing zombies or being on the run.  Carol and Daryl talking for a few moments while he is on watch.  The two dance around their need for companionship and ultimately just joke about doing the nasty.  Guess all that zombie slaughter has reignited Carol’s libido.  Then you have Lori and Rick’s continued marriage disintegration.  The scene goes from Rick offering extra food to Lori to him spewing out loathing towards her and all he really cares about is making sure the baby is born somewhere safe.  Just gives me chills how far Rick has fallen but still is clinging to hope.

If you have seen The Walking Dead apologies for the spoilers and urge you to seek out this television program.  In the coming weeks I am sure we will continue to discuss the show and I am planning to incorporate some themes from the show into my Halloween décor at work. Especially because there is a contest and I want to win!

P.S.  “Don’t get bit!”

Zombie from Orlando’s MegaCon 2012

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