Football Picks, Week 8

Carolina at Chicago

Cam Newton will continue his trend of throwing picks at the wrong time, pissing the game away, and today will not be any different.



San Diego at Cleveland

San Diego had the bye week, and its the Browns, so San Diego should win this no sweat

San Diego -34


Seattle at Detroit

Seattle has a shockingly good defense this year, and like the last couple of years, Detroit is undisciplined, and will soon be known like the Raiders of the 70’s. If the Seahawks can limit Stafford to Megatron, Detroit wont have a chance to win the game.



Jacksonville at Green Bay

Gabbert is probable, so if he plays, it will be another week he gets to impersonate an NFL QB. Charles Woodson is done, but lets be honest, he wasn’t much a force on that defense this year, so he won’t be missed. I have Rodgers starting this week, and it’s against Jacksonville, so I look for him to put up big numbers against the terrible Jacksonville team.


Green Bay-33

Miami at NY Jets

Ryan Tannehill won’t put up big numbers, but he won’t need to, just feed the rock to Reggie Bush and let him run at the overrated Rex Ryan defense. Mark Sanchez will once again look like a confused deer, and the crowd will be chanting to Tebow by halftime.


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Due to the storms up north, Michael Vick will finally have an reason to blame all his fumble and interceptions on. The over/under on Vick turnovers is set at 3. Matt Ryan will put up at least 300, 2 TDs, and Michael Turner will have a 100 yard day.



Washington at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a habit of making rookie QB’s look just like rookie QB’s, and today won’t be any different. Jonathan Dwyer will continue to run the rock, and show Mendenhall how a RB runs north and south, with no dancing involved. Roethlisberger will have another 300 yard game, will continue to be money on 3rd and long. Antonio Brown will continue to show why he got the contract instead of Wallace.



New England vs St Louis (in London)

I hate London games. The “host” team loses a home game in their actual home stadium, and these games are just another reason that Goodell is terrible for the NFL. Tom Brady will get the protection that most QB’s don’t normally get. If you look at Brady wrong its a 15 yard penalty, whereas some QB’s can get their nose broken, and the ref will say they were just trying to tackle you.

New England-42

St Louis-24

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Matt Hasselbeck will continue making the case that even when Locker is healthy, he should still be the starter. Locker needs to sit the rest of the year and let Matt handle the rest of the season.  Andrew Luck will get picked off in the final minutes, making the game a loss for the Colts.



Oakland at Kansas City

The stinker of the week. Carson Palmer and the Raiders versus Brady Quinn and the Chiefs. “This will be the game of the week” said no one ever.


Kansas City-6
NY Giants at Dallas

Will the Cowboys finally be able to beat the Giants in Jerry Dome? No. DeMarco Murray might not be playing, which would put more pressure on Romo, and we all know what that means. When the pressure is on, Romo is unable to handle it, and will do his best impression of Neil O’Donnell in Super Bowl 30. Eli Manning so far the last couple of seasons has been the king of 4th quarter comebacks, but that won’t be necessary in today’s game. Cowboys will score fist, but will be playing catch up the rest of the game.

NY Giants-27


New Orleans at Denver

Faith Hill will continue to show she looks better in a skirt instead of a pleather outfit. The Saints will continue the “Us against the world”, will continue to claim innocence, and when the Saints lose, Drew Brees will need an explanation. Manning will throw all over the Saints Defense, and won’t even be sacked once.

New Orleans-20

Denver- 32

San Francisco at Arizona

Even if the 49er’s win, John Harbaugh will find something to whine and complain about, proving more and more he is a smug, arrogant bastard. The Cardinals still have issues at QB, and they have lost like 3 RB’s and are now starting a no name back. If Whisenhunt isn’t careful, he might find himself jobless after the season. Alex Smith will have to play better than last week, but against this Cardinals team, he just has to not turn the ball over, and their will be no issue with the 49er’s winning this game.

San Francisco-24


The Ravens have the bye week, so the only good thing for them is their old defense wont be exposed again, and Joe Flacco won’t make a fool of himself this week.

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