The house Yoda built purchased by Disney

Yesterday it was reported that Disney bought Lucasfilm for four billion dollars. Part of the announcement included plans to bring new Star Wars films to the big screen as early as 2015. Twitter and Facebook were a buzz about it yesterday with most people’s opinion either its great for the franchise or a horrible idea because Disney will rape and pillage the intellectual property many of us grew up on. I feel it will be great thing in the short term. Lucasfilm and Disney already have a solid working relationship now with Star Tours at the Disney Parks. Both studios are at creative highs then lows with Star Wars: The Clone Wars receiving high ratings on Cartoon Network and Disney releasing a string of successful animated films such as Brave and Tangled. Disney has been careful since they purchased Marvel not to get too involved with creative day to day. I see a similar method happening with Lucasfilm and Disney using their distribution muscles to get new Star Wars movie on the big screen. However I do see long term once George Lucas is a blue spirit haunting Hayden Christensen the Mouse House will take a more exploitative roll with the license and you will see something gaudy like a Star Wars theme hotel at Walt Disney World.

For more information about the acquisition visit CNN Money

Me being a dork at Disney World

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