Oh No Not #TDog

Photo by Brad K. of Flickr

Spoiler Alert- If you haven’t Watched Killer Within and don’t want it ruined don’t read. J

I know I’m not the only person expecting this past Walking Dead episode to turn dark quickly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better sequence! There is nothing better than watching a perfect day get ruined with zombies… what else is expected you’re in a prison full of freakin’ zombies!!!!! To be honest I think most important would be to start clearing the yard of walkers for the reason they got out, what if the chain breaks, these are not hamsters people!

Anyway, the start of our beloved characters day is very heartwarming Herschel is up and walking with help from crutches that come in pretty handy. Most of the group is clearing out the main yard they originally ran through in the first episode discussing plans for the day. Next thing we know the prisoners from the other block are asking to join the group but are turned down and given the option to return to their cell block or try their luck on the road, T-Dog fights for them to join but is out voted.

Just as Rick and Lori share the first loving moment of the season a wave of walkers come up from behind them causing everyone to scatter. The spare moment must have allowed a Rick to remember why he was originally fighting for Lori, running to the gate he screams for her, it’s so sad. (Well kinda sad). After getting into the main yard the alarm sets off causing panic as walkers from the woods start to make their way to fence, Rick then realizes the possibility that the main gate could be opened remotely.

Herschel and his youngest daughter are chased into a small area with only one gate which ended up being barred via crutch. T-Dog ends up getting bite on his shoulder while Carol watched on horror, without warning him a walker was behind him (thought she was pretty useless there). They both end up cornered in a hallway where T-Dog shows his heroic colors, sacrificing himself to allow Carol to run. Lori, Maggie and Carl find themselves in a boiler room with a baby on the way; however there are complications that only Herschel or Carol would be able to deal with.

Rick and the main group of fighters along with the two remaining prisoners run though the prison looking for the power generator to turn off the alarm and find the rest of the group (mainly Carl and Lori). Once in the main generator room Rick finds who has been causing the problems, Andrew, the prisoner he let run into the yard a few episodes ago. Andrew is pissed and wants to retake the prison swinging an axe at Rick narrowly missing him several times. When both Andrew and Rick are disarmed their fates are in the hands of Axel (who needs to prove his worth if he wants to stay with the group), he shoots Andrew in the face.

With Lori in labor with walkers at the door cannot be good when something goes terribly wrong to the point where pushing only yields blood and no baby. Knowing what the issue is since the same must have happened with Carl; Lori explains to Maggie that she needs to complete a caesarean while showing her the scar from her previous one. Lori gives her last words to Maggie and then to Carl giving Carl the absolution he will greatly need then with a “goodnight” the cut is made. Maggie does the best she can knowing that Lori is dying in pain in the process, finally retrieving the baby and hearing it’s soft cries Maggie lets out a small sigh of relief. Getting up the leave Carl point out that they cannot leave Lori as she would turn, Maggie makes the move but Carl points out that she is his mother and we get a flashback to season two where Rick give Carl the gun and says no more kid stuff and everyone was going to die. Next thing we know Maggie is checking to see if the way outside the room is clear and we here a gunshot and see Carl walking towards the door in a blank stare.

Once everything calms down and everyone starts to find their way back to the main yard Rick hears the baby’s cry and turns to see only Maggie holding the baby and Carl, the reaction is haunting. He begins to cry as it dawns on him what has happened, then realizing Carl had been there (maybe even that Carl had put her down) Rick breaks down. (This scene is haunting and makes me look forward how they are going to have Rick deal with this loss.)

On what seems like the other side of the world but most likely just a few counties over in Woodbury we watch the Governor play Andrea and Michonne against each other. He asks Michonne to stay while knowing she has an idea of what really went down with the soldiers. Later he invited Andrea over for drinks attempting to get more information on the other group, while playing the charm factor. Also did anyone else notice the “it’s only me and my daughter” comment, if you read the comics you know what that means! Can we say we know the true intentions of the governor…?

Who knows for sure but what I think we can say is that the intentions are not good, maybe he’s just looking for more heads for his creepy collection.

Start of the end for T-Dog

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