Awesome Art to Tape to Your Wall

Absolut Doctor by Stephen Wittmaak

Because of many recent trips to various comic conventions I have found much joy in seeing the many artists on display selling their geek themed work to the eager cash in hand con attendees.  Here are some of the great artist I saw recently when I attended the Tampa Bay Comic Con.

St. Petersburg, FL artist Stephen Wittmaak (Absolut Doctor found above)  has both some whimsical Doctor Who and Marvel artwork.   I bought two prints of the Absolut Doctor one for myself and one for the other 2/3 of the triumvirate.  “Switt” even took my pictures with the two prints which I loved because you could sense he was having as much fun as was at the con. Visit his studios at Portcity Underground

Orlando artist Michael “Locoduck” Duron artwork immediately caught my eye with some of mischievous humor art of some much beloved franchises. Visit his website at Locoduck Studios

artwork of Micheal Duron

One exhibitor who drew a crowd every time I walked by was artist Nathan Szerdy.  I especially liked his Captain America/Captain Morgan logo.  It could be purchased as a print or as a label over a Captain Morgan bottle.  View more of his work at Nathan Szerdy Art

Artwork by Nathan Szerdy

And finally I am a big fan of history and particularly World War 2 era of our history so it no surprise i gravitated to the bombshell artwork of Scott Blair .   Visit his stunning pin up art at Scott Blair

Artwork by Scott Blair

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