Call to Arms: The Battle for Gilneas

Today I will be taking a look at one of my least favorite Battlegrounds for WoW, The Battle for Gilneas. This one is kind of like Arathi Basin, but 2 less places to capture and not as fun. For whatever reason, the Horde at 90 always has trouble grasping the concept of protecting your healer, and this place is no different. But more on that in a bit.

At the start of the Battleground, you are inside one of the ships that has come upon the Worgen city of Gilneas. From its crappy, dilapidated features, it looks to be a Forsaken ship, since it seems to be falling apart and their are cobwebs over everything. You can either hang out here, or just go up the stairs and go wait with the rest of your group for the match to start.

The Mines is about 40 yards outside the starting gate, and is the easiest place for the Horde to capture (for obvious reasons) to start with. Preferably, you should leave one or 2 people here to capture and to call incomings in case the Alliance team decides to zerg it with the majority of their team.  Directly to the left will be the res point, that most Horde players will be frequenting, and up and to the right will be a house, and if you go inside there will be a chest that has either a health regenerator, or a power booster. That is me on the raptor, in case any of you were wondering. Leave 2 people at Mines like I stated earlier, and split up the rest of your team to go to the Waterworks and the Lighthouse.

This is the Waterworks. A greyed out flag means one of two things. Either no one has captured it, or the Alliance/Horde had it captured, and someone from the opposing team came and capped it while everyone was fighting. The Waterworks has a little house that you can go to and hide in if you get overwhelmed, and towards the back of the picture you can see a little floating green leaf. That regenerates your health over time, giving you a bit of healing if you are in a pinch. One of the things I cant stress is if you are DEFENDING a flag, use AOE on the flag, so that if an enemy player tries capping it, any damage they take cancels the capture and they have to start over. One of the things that annoys the hell out of me is people who seem to be incapable of protecting their healers. You can always tell who those people are, because they will always be the first to bitch about a healer “not doing their job.” As a healer, I can tell from first hand experience, if you arent protected, you can only keep yourself up so long as 5 people are beating on you. Eventually you will end up like this:

Poor little troll, I lasted so long, but I had no help so I still ended up dead. Stupid Horde.

The last place I will be looking at is The Lighthouse. There isn’t really anything special about this place. As you can see the Alliance control this area, since the flag is blue. That handsome little troll is capping the flag while he lets his team deal with the lone Alliance player trying to do something about it.

Hopefully the next call to arms is something more enjoyable like Alterac Valley, Strand of the Ancients, or Eye of the Storm.

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