Patch 5.1: A Quest for Dailies

I was going to do a Daily Hub post a week or so go, but I had a feeling that 5.1 was gonna be dropping soon, so I figured it would be best if I waited and did everything at once.

All the dailies are available from the get go, EXCEPT for the Shado-Pan ones. They are only available once you get Revered with the Golden Lotus. At the start, the dailies are a grindfest. Once you hit Revered with a group, you can now purchase an item called Grand Commendation of the [insert reputation name here]. It unlocked a 100% reputation bonus for all characters on your account. August Celestials have 4 total daily quest hubs – Temple of the Jade Serpent, Temple of the White Tiger, Niuzao Temple and Cradle of Chi-Ji. If you visit their representative at your faction’s Shrine in the Vale, he will tell you which of the first three is an active hub for that day. What usually doesn’t get mentioned is that the Cradle of Chi-Ji hub is active every day. If you aren’t doing 2 hubs for August Celestials per day, you’re losing out on rep.

With 5.1 going live, it unlocked 2 new factions to gain reputation with; Dominance Offensive for the Horde, and Operation: Shieldwall for the Alliance. The only thing you need to start it is to just be in Pandaria, and a quest will pop up for you to talk to a scout to start the questline to get you to the new daily location. I just hit exalted with the Cloud Serpent, and got my Cloud Serpent mount and Cloud Serpent Flying (the flying comes free upon hitting exalted) so DO NOT go to a flight trainer and spend the money on buying it yourself. The rewards you get for completing the dailies might seem minimal, but with the amount of dailies, it really adds up. You get 5 Valor Points and between 1-2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune for every daily completed.  Whether you are Horde or Alliance, under your flight master in you respective city in Vale of Eternal Blossoms there is a quest that can be turned in weekly. You turn in 90 of your lesser charms, and the NPC gives you 3 Greater Charms of Good Fortune. These can be used to roll for additional loot in LFR, The Sha of Anger/Salyis’s Warband world boss, and in normal/heroic raids.

Look at that sexy ass troll on that even sexier Golden Cloud Serpent.

Item Upgrades

Another new feature that came with 5.1 was Item Upgrading. This allows you to upgrade any item (above iLevel 463). If you use Valor/Conquest points, it will cost 750 each, and it will move it up 4 levels. You can do this twice, for 1500 points each and a max of 8 levels. If you use justice points, it will cost 1500 points, and you can only do it once, and it increases the item by 8 ilevels.


If you did what Wrathion asked of you before, then with 5.1 he will have a new quest for you. He wants you to prove to him that your faction should win the war, and you do that by getting revered with him. That can be done by killing the opposing faction in Krasarang Wilds. There will also be some sidequests, like taking a group to kill a general or he might want you to win some of the new battlegrounds.

Brawler’s Guild

What is the first rule about Brawler’s Guild? Don’t talk about Brawler’s Guild O.o . Cheesy, I know. The only way to get into the Brawler’s Guild is to buy an invitation from the Black Market Auction House or to get sent an invite from someone who is already in the Brawler’s Guild. This is basically a fight club, but instead of fighting each other, you fight various monsters from around Azeroth.

Pet Battle Updates

Several new pets have been added to the game. Pets can now drop from world bosses in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn’Qiraj, and Naxxramas. Others come from achievements, Tailor’s can make some, the Blizzard Store sells pets, you can get some from quests and from the Darkmoon Faire when it is in town, and even in the Brawlers Guild. You can now upgrade your pets with Battle Stones. So if you find one, you can turn a Common pet that you caught into an Uncommon pet.


This is probably the coolest thing about the patch. Now if you are silences, stunned, interrupted etc. a bar will pop up on your screen flashing, telling you what it is, and how long it will be affecting you.

New Scenarios

There are 3 new scenarios for each faction.



People who play warlocks are probably reading this and thinking what the frack, wheres my Warlock questline at?! Blizzard decided to delay it until 5.2, that way they could have it done all at once, instead of it being spread out across patches.

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