Ravings of a Football Lunatic

So the Ravens FINALLY fired Cam Cameron. He has held that offense back for years. Now all they need to do is fire Dean Pees after the season, and get a better QB, and they might have a chance next year. They all should have been let go last week, after a  38 year old QB (Charlie Batch) completely embarrassed the Ravens (much like Pitt got embarrassed by the Chargers yesterday). But then to top it off, you let RG3 outplay you, and then allow Kirk Cousins to score on you, and do enough to win in OT is just inexcusable. John Harbaugh should be worried, especially if they lose out, because lets face it, Harbaugh hasn’t done anything to make that team better. He rode the Defense to the playoffs each and every year, and now that it is injury riddled, they flounder around.

Denvers Defense makes it a playoff contender, but with Manning at the helm, he gives them a good chance to go to the Super Bowl.

What happened to Matty Ice yesterday? Allowing his team to suck the big one against Carolina.

Seattle looks legit.

Washington will go as far as RG3’s knee allows him to take them.

St. Louis beat came back to beat buffalo, but that isn’t really a feat in itself.

I hated having to root for Dallas towards the end of the Cincy game, but with Pitt playing like complete shit and losing, I wanted Cincy to lose as well.

Cleveland could very well get to 8 wins this season.

The Vikings should probably draft a QB late in the Draft this coming year. I would like to see Peterson get the single season rushing record, but with 3 games left, he would be hard pressed to get 500+ yards.

The Eagles finally ended their 9 game skid against Tampa Bay. Tampa might have had a bad day, since Philly still sucks.

Arizona got raped like a girl in a dark alley without lube.

This week Drew Brees only had 2 INT’s, which is a big improvement. He might need an explanation on that one.

The Steelers…my god where to even begin. See, this is what happens when you blow your load the week before. This game was a complete abortion, and they should have been forced to walk to San Diego as punishment. It only looked close on the scoreboard, because all the points and yards came in garbage time. You know your RB’s and OL played like shit, when your QB (in his first week back, after a rib and shoulder injury) is 1 yard shy of tying your lead RB..San Diego was garbage the whole season, until yesterday’s game. I HOPE the play of the whole team was due to them adjusting to Ben coming back, like the Cleveland game was adjusting to Charlie playing for the first time. Hopefully they show up against the Cowboys next week, but I doubt they will. Oh and Curtis Brown, you know you played bad when you get benched for a guy who was just brought in off the Practice Squad.

And for tonights game, the Texans are getting schooled.

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