Loving Everything But the Neckline

When you find that perfect shirt it has amazing art, is super comfy, and preshrunk (so you can just dump it in the washer). What no one seems to realize is comfy for females usually means a little lower neckline.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my Cosmic City, Jinx, and Teefury shirts to death; but if I could I would change the neckline. Oh what I would do for a scoop or v-neck Horde shirt!

This doesn’t mean I want a V- neck that shows my unmentionables, what it means is I want to breath. If comfort was as important as graphics when it comes to geeky shirts I’m sure every geek girl out there would be snatching up a few more shirts. I know I would!

Crew is perfect for guy, but a girl with an actual bust line can’t get it to fit right, even if it’s a ladies cut tee.

Let’s hope new year brings us some new necklines!


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