Personalizing the Happiest Place on Earth


Monday morning it was reported Disney would begin a major upgrade to their theme parks to help how guests plan and visit.

The new system called MyMagic+ would combine RFID bracelet technology with web and mobile apps to give a guest the power to plan more effecfiently before they visit and even purchase food or merchandise. Guests could even get a unique relationship with a cast members and rides because they will know the name/s of your or favorite character/s. For more information read the full news story at NY Times.

This sound like a stupendous idea and is an inventive step forward for the Walt Disney Company. However some of it I don’t see working out so well such as the turnstile portion; I have attended Walt Disney World quite a bit in the past few years and on three occasions was visiting on a day while they were experimenting with a sort of new turnstile technology in an attempt speed up the line. In every case the process seemed flawed and inefficient.

Having access to FastPass via the My Disney Experience website and app will create richer vacation experiences for those coming to the park for the first time. I don’t think you should over plan when visiting the parks but one thing I always tell people is they should pick a few key attractions to experience at each park and do those first so they remainder of the day you can go with the flow as the park gets busier so if you could have access FastPasses before you even enter the park I save some of the stress of getting to particular FastPass stations.

I love the idea of being able to plan as well as having easier access to FastPass and having personal interaction with the cast members and park itself. When I visited the park on my birthday the best experience I had was when Mary Poppins darted across Fantasy-land to wish me a happy birthday, and that was only because she noticed my birthday button. So the idea they could even further create memories like that with this new technology is worth the investment.

I would also be weary of providing too much information and unsure about using it for purchasing items, RFID techonology is already simple to hack and with that many people around in one area thieves could have access to many peoples information.

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