Laughing Locally!

Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and using vacation days for Con trips… could we get anymore geeky?

Why yes we can!

Hanging out at the local comic shop! That’s right!

Yeah Disney can help make your dreams come true if those dreams are to see pasty overweight people in biker shorts slather sunscreen on themselves, then accidentally bump into you two hours later in the line for Space Mountain. Or listening to four children talk about how bad they want to ride the teacups on the monorail, then on your way to the Haunted Mansion after you eat your fries and have a soda you get a wonderful view of said children tossing their breakfast!

However today at my local comic book/ game shop I did have a dream come true! One of the owners, Tim, made a personal ringtone for me! In turn I helped him setup their twitter account.

If you haven’t stopped by your local comic book shop recently I highly suggest you do! Hell if you live in Raleigh. stop by Desert Dune Comics the owners are freaking fantastic, and I promise they WILL make you laugh!


2 Replies to “Laughing Locally!”

  1. – Nate “Don’t be dissing Disney!. Did you pick up anything cool? For me picking a good local comic book shop is more important then selecting your doctor, dentist and coke dealer.

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