Start to the week bad?

The start of this week hasn’t been so fantastic for me and I’m hearing the same from a lot of people.

Rest assured friends I have found the cure put on some music, grab your favorite tee, a warm scarf, and cold beer! It’s Tuesday night there’s only three more days in the work week it can’t get too much worse can it?


2 Replies to “Start to the week bad?”

  1. Yeah, it was a super shitty week for me. Thursday I had a full on panic attack at work, my computer crashed, I ended up staying late (even though it was my husband’s birthday), lost his gift, took the wrong bus home, got to the restaurant he wanted for dinner only to find out it was closed, and realized that the entire time, I had smelled like cat pee. In the rain.

    It was pretty much a life-fail.

    1. Oh man that is a pretty bad week, kinda good to know we weren’t in that boat alone. It’s ok to smell like cat pee in the bad day boat we have two cats so we know sometimes they get mad and like ruin nice things. -Amanda

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