Ramen of Our Dreams…Wait What?!

Who doesn’t like Ramen? It’s inexpensive, super easy to make, and only sorta qualifies as junk food!

If you have seen at least one episode of Naruto then you know something is missing from that sad little plastic bag of dried noodles and flavoring powder! At some point something must have gone very wrong, “there’s supposed to be meat, eggs, and what the hell is fish cake?!”

You are not alone my friends; we have all been wondering what’s real Ramen like?

I’ve previously posted about our friend, Hollywood Hogwood, who is currently in Japan (previous post- Snow Day!) now I’d like to take this a little deeper in showing you just how much he can make you jealous. His culinary adventures completely makes up for his kinda tiny apartment, if you haven’t yet checkout out that video you should. If you feel bad about your one bedroom first floor apartment it’ll make you feel better, just don’t think about how much cool food he gets to eat or the awesome adventures he gets to have. 🙂

After looking at these pictures you will start looking for a restaurant that serves traditional Ramen near you!







Want to know more about our friend’s Japanese journey and adventures you? You can subscribe to his YouTube channel Hollywood Hogwood for what I am sure will be super fun videos!!