Whovians Rejoice!!

The Doctor returns Easter Sunday, March 30th. As more things get released, I will try and have them here


Some things that I am looking forward to:

  • The Cybermen will be in an episode, and seem to have finally gotten the long awaited makeover (other than removing the “C” logo from their breastplate)
  • The Cybermen episode will also be penned by the amazing Neil Gaiman, and will feature Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick)
  • Vastra, Jenny, and Strax will be in 2 more episodes
  • There is an episode on a Submarine, and an airplane
  • The Ice Warriors (yeah you read that right) look to finally be featured in an episode
  • How they will tell River’s story now that her mom and dad are no longer with the doctor
  • How River will react when she meets Clara
  • Wondering if the whole “who/what is Clara” will tie into either Trenzalore or the 50th (although I think Trenzalore will take place during the 50th, but all I have is speculation on that so far)
  • Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS seems to be an epic story HOPEFULLY showing the viewers more of the TARDIS, instead of just a few select rooms and endless hallways that all look the same

So with the wait finally over, and with the 50th Anniversary just around the corner:

“Run you cleaver boy, and remember” Doctor Who returns March 30th

4 Replies to “Whovians Rejoice!!”

  1. Andrew these are all excellent observations! I think they may keep River away for awhile. I am glad to see Strax will be back, i liked him in the Christmas episode. I am excited for submarine episode. Think Clara Doctor need to get it on, tried of them creating sexual tension between companion – doctor but never rockin the Tardis. – Nate

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