Crossing the Borderlands

Recently due to some persistent convincing by my friend Theresa, I got back into gaming.  I purchased a used Xbox 360 and she got me Borderlands 2 as an early Christmas present. To be honest, I think she just wanted to share this wild and awesome game with me. I am ecstatic Theresa is a persistent woman because Borderlands 2 was the perfect game to bring me back into the world of gaming.

Borderlands 2 begins 5 years after the first game and you play as a vault hunter looking to find a alien vault full of treasure on the planet Pandora.  Pandora can be best described as a mash up of old west, Mad Max post apocalyptic, and  corporate domination set in a world full of strange alien creatures. There is quite  a lot of story to the game so I won’t go into too much detail but no matter if its the main or side missions, twisted humor is ever present.

The joy comes from the game play which combines the visceral gun play of a first person shooter with leveling and item collection of a role-playing game.  You can choose from 4 characters all who have distinct traits and killing styles.  I went with the ninja assassin Zero because he is skilled with sniper rifles and is a more bad ass version of GI Joe’s Snake Eyes.

There are about a million guns to find in the game, all with unique characteristics that make for an ever changing game play, even while fighting the same type of enemies over and over.   And some weapons have specialized bullets that cause fire damage, or my favorite, corrosive damage.  Corrosive damage is bullets that explode with acid and are perfect for fighting robots which the main villain of the game Handsome Jack has an endless supply of.   Makers of the game Gearbox Software have spent more hours than I can fathom designing every gun down down to the unique paintwork.  The RPG element comes into play because many guns are of legendary status and you have to kill bosses many times or do hidden side missions to find them.

If you have a console or PC go out and buy this game.  Its worth the price just to hear a robot named, Claptrap, sing a dub step.

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