Burning rubber at Disney’s new Test Track

Recently I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT to experience some of the latest attractions and share via our twitter machine some of the more unique things to find if your a veteran park visitor such as myself.  Here is a gallery of the highlights.

  • Hollywood Studios was hosting a high school dance team competition so all the teenage girls running around made me feel like high school and i was just the uncool kid again.
  • Updated Chevrolet Test Track is great.  They increase the speed, got rid of cheesy test video, and went for a cool Tron vibe.  Click here to see my test vehicle’s commercial. 
  • I wanted to see the new Legend of Jack Sparrow at Hollywood Studios but a 30 minute wait for a walking tour just did not seem like how I want to waste my day.
  • You don’t need to take the tours to see all the great animation display at Art of Animation or back-lot tour to see the AFI Showcase of movie memorabilia   This was recently updated from a villains exhibit they have had for years.

Look in the coming weeks for more Disney related insight such as a full list of tips and secrets for each park.

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