The Return of The Walking Dead

The three of here at Geek Triumvirate cannot wait for 9PM on AMC.  This past week has been leading up to the return of the second half of season 3. The Governor’s is pissed and has only one good eye so it should be tense filled showdown between him and Rick.   The marketing machine is far from dead for this show and here are a few of the zombie filled promotions.

The Walking Dead Superbowl ad that played exclusively on Time Warner Cable

Here is a photo from my local Game Stop. Available 03/19/2013 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a first person shooter featuring crossbow wielding Daryl as one of the main characters you can chose from.  If you notice at the bottom of the display if you pre-order with Game Stop you get a ear free zombie cut-off ear key chain.


During Toy Fair 2013 Anchorbay Entertainment, McFarlane Toys and The Walking Dead unveiled the limited edition case for season three on Blu-Ray. Featuring the Governor’s zombie piranha aquarium tanks.  Apparently it will be able to be filled with water and 5 separate heads for you to arrange.  Plus it will light up so it can be your creepy nightlight.  No date yet on the release of season three on DVD/Blu-Ray.


McFarlane Toys announced a beautiful Michonne resin statue this week that will be sold exclusively through The Spawn Store.  Here is the video of Todd McFarlane showing off the new statue of Michonne slicing and dicing into some walkers. McFarlane Toys always does outstanding work and this statue is gorgeous with the kinetic energy you feel as Michonne takes down two walkers in one quick move. The statue will be available to pre-order at 12PM February 11, 2013.  Here is the link to the Spawn Store


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