Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm

On February 26th, the situation for the refugee’s and citizens alike in Wayfarer Hills and Diessa Plateau gets a hell of a lot worse. Even though volunteer’s have done all we could to ease the burden, more and more refugee’s trickle down from the the Shiverpeaks.  The storm up there is getting stronger by the day, gaining more and more momentum, so to speak. The only hope for now seems to be the hero’s that are being up there to defend its people and it’s land from whatever is lurking, stirring shit up.

With this new content patch comes a new PVP Map, Spirit Watch. The map is located between two Norn spirit shrines, where the sounds of battle will soon be heard, with the clanging of swords and the swooshing of arrows. The point seems to be to capture an item called the Orb of Ascension, and run it to one of the three shrines.

If you aren’t in a guild yet, now is the time to get in one.  New content is being added, called Guild Missions. The missions will be coordinated group play, from bounties to group puzzles to cross continent challenges. The rewards will be the newly implemented Guild Merits, which will be used for upgrades and rewards (this is why we need a Guild Hall, like in the previous game).

This is what I am excited about mostly. With this new content patch, we can finally choose our own dailies to complete. No more Daily Dodger (I always have issues with it when I have to do it, instead of when I do it when I need to do it). Although I’m sure there will be some sort of catch though. I’m pretty sure that, depending on the combo of dailies, will determine the rewards.

So stay tuned for February 26, and don’t forget to keep checking with the heralds that you meet to see if they have anything interesting to say.

Happy Hunting!



Here is Leah Rivera, representative of the Guild Content team, talking about the upcoming Guild Missions. There are 5 different Guild Missions that you will be tasked to do

  • Guild Bounty – Your guild is tasked with tracking down and capturing various targets for the Orders. These people are wanted for a variety of reasons and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to resist arrest!
  • Guild Trek – Think you know Tyria? Well the Tyrian Explorer’s Society has a challenge for you! Find the list of locations before time runs out.
  • Guild Challenge – These challenges leverage our existing event system but are specifically geared to require multi-group, coordinated play to succeed. So gather your guild and see if you’re up to the challenge!
  • Guild Rush – Test your skills with a mad dash over harrowing terrain, traps, and other hidden dangers. Just remember, there’s safety in numbers!
  • Guild Puzzle – It’s a puzzle and a jumping challenge all in one! This mission type requires multi-group coordination as well as individual jumping skills to get to the treasure at the end.

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