International Tabletop Day

Felicia Day recently announced International Tabletop Day for March 30th, 2013.  Because of the popularity of her YouTube channel Geek and Sundry show Tabletop hosted by Wil Wheaton they have decided to bring board games back to the forefront of community entertainment.  They will be collaborating with local gaming and comic book shops to host events.  They are also encouraging  anyone to create a event such as in a coffee shop or at their house.   All three members of Geek Triumvirate love watching Tabletop and from it when out and purchase games we never knew existed.  We are looking forward to playing some Munchkin together when we all met up at MegaCon.   Wil Wheaton will be in attendance at MegaCon so we hope to get to met with him and talk about this exciting celebration of table gaming. Look for upcoming posts leading up to Megacon 2013

To register

for a event or create one yourself visit  The site also has episodes of Tabletop to introduce you to games beside Monopoly and Sorry.


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