Prepping for MegaCon

Prep for MegaCon is at full steam here at Geek Triumvirate and last night was an amusing time. Our group attempted our first Google Hangout which took a little too long to get situated, mostly because Google+ is nowhere near as useful as Facebook.

Once we got going it was quite amusing, because two members of our hangout had cats that felt like they were being ignored so they decided to be cute to draw our attention. One cat in particular thought it would be good to try to climb up his cat house, even though he could not fit through the hole to the second level.

Hotel, travel and food were discussed and some laughs about Theresa and I both having made binders for MegaCon. We all agreed, even with all the planning, that once we get there the plan will be thrown out the window.

Our plan is to get as much coverage as possible of MegaCon and hopefully get some exclusive news.

Poison Ivy and Batman
Poison Ivy and Batman

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