Dean’s List: MegaCon

After hanging with my buddy from college I thought I would bring back something I did at my college newspaper, a top ten list.  I know its cliche but people like humor and can easily understand things in list.

Here are my top tens things I like to see or encounter during MegaCon 2013:

  1. A hipster using a typewriter
  2. Someone ask me if I have ever been to Disney World
  3. POG collectors
  4. A Dalek in a bathroom stall
  5. A girl in a red wig 😉
  6. Cosplay mashup of anime and McDonald’s character.  Think, Samurai Grimace
  7. The cast of Star Trek:TNG wearing Star Wars: Episode VII shirts
  8. Someone realize as they purchase their tickets that MegaCon is not a conference about Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
  9. Roxy the Rancor mate with “The Hulk” Lou Ferrigno
  10. An alligator reading a comic book


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