MegaCon 2013: Day One

First day of MegaCon 2013 was crazy.

We started by having to get our tickets, except for Theresa, who had already pre-ordered her ticket, so she had to get into a advance ticket line which ran almost the entire length of the convention hall.

After being over-stimulated with amazing cosplayers, we ventured through the convention floor taking in all the sights of toys, costumes, and artwork galore.

In the afternoon we attended a panel featuring David Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, and Paul Blake. Better known as Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Greedo from Star Wars.

To see the full gallery of day one visit my Flickr account MegaCon 2013: Day 1

4 Replies to “MegaCon 2013: Day One”

  1. TYour pictures are awesome. This reminds me of when I went to New York Comic Con. I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Voilet thank you for the kind comment and thank you for following us. It was so much fun going to another con. We love the chance to go to NYC Comic Con if not simply to be in NYC. We will have next part up later today.

  3. The Gaming Grad, Voilet, JMD Retail, Teeny Bikini thank you for liking this post and following Geek Triumvirate. It is enormously appreciated. We hit 20+ followers yesterday. I got notification while in Ikea and I was so excited I kissed and hugged my girlfriend then high-fived a employee – Nate

  4. It was nice seeing the pics. I’m sad we missed out on this one, but things have just been crazy busy lately. I’m looking forward to the other parts, though. Hopefully we’ll get to meet you guys at the Tampa Comic Con!

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