Status Updates from Orbit

When you were growing up how many times did you think you wanted to be an astronaut? Everyone at some point has thought, “Damn it would be cool to go into space!”


Now how many opportunities will you have to go into space? Your chances are probably slim to none correct? Yes I know it is a sad reality!


Now if you haven’t stayed up to date on the ISS happens Col. Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian to command the ISS on March 13, 2013. So when everyone else was reading about the new-fangled pope many geeks and nerds were watching the changing of the guard.


If you follow Col. Chris Hadfield you can get live photos from orbit! Something tells me he is a little bit of a geek himself, I mean not everyone would see The Matrix in the clouds. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to get some of the most beautiful photos you will ever see as well as learning a bit here at there.

Matrix Clouds

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