New Comic Wednesday for 5/29 – Updated

Every Wednesday new comic books release all over the land in your local comic book shop.   This new weekly post will document the comics I plan to pick up and I will update afterwards with reviews.

courtesy of Diamond Distrubutors
  • Batman Noir Eduardo Risso Deluxe Edition HC from DC – BATMAN NOIR: EDUARDO RISSO spotlights the art of 100 BULLETS illustrator Eduardo Risso, which casts the Dark Knight in deep shadow on every page. Written by his frequent collaborator Brian Azzarello, this title includes tales from a variety of Batman projects, including ‘Broken City,’ a profound examination of the Dark Knight Detective and the grim metropolis that he protects. While hunting the murderer of a small boy’s parents, Batman is caught up in his own investigation and ruminations, only to fall prey to a deadly new pair of killers who have been stalking him. • Collecting BATMAN #620-625, the Batman serial from WEDNESDAY COMICS #1-12, FLASHPOINT: BATMAN-KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #1-3 and a story from BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #8.
    • Unfortunately I was not able to pick this up. 
courtesy of Diamond Distrubutors
  • Danger Girl Trinity #2 from IDW Publishing – More thrills and chills from Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage and Sonya Savage, as the each face their own individual challenges. It’s Dangerously delicious as our trio of secret agents continue on a mission of epic proportions!
    • A fun story involving beautiful ladies that can kick some ass.  I hadn’t read Danger Girl in the past but I how they told a story that combines the best elements of Indiana Jones and James Bond.  
courtesy of Diamond Distrubutors
  • X-Men Vol 4 #1 – Because you demanded it! The X-Women finally get their own book, from critically acclaimed superstars Brian Wood (X-MEN, ULTIMATE X-MEN, DMZ, The Massive) and Olivier Coipel (AVX, HOUSE OF M, THOR)! An old enemy shows up at the X-Men’s door, seeking asylum from an ancient evil come back to earth. Meanwhile, Jubilee has come home, and she’s brought with her an orphaned baby who might hold the key to the earth’s survival…or its destruction. Against a backdrop of what seems like an alien invasion and an eons-spanning war between brother and sister, Storm steps up and puts together a team to protect the child and stop a new threat that could destroy all life on earth!
    • To start with after you get past the cover you completely forget about this being a all woman team of X-Men. Its probably because these are some of my favorite characters in general, with the exception of Rachel Summers who I appreciate more because of her story in the Avengers Vs. X-Men event.  Each member of the team brings a different power and viewpoint to the team which is actually what you want out of a X-Men team.  The story feels like the first act of a alien invasion movie and has some great moments with Rogue and Kitty Pryde.  One panel showing Kitty’s eyes as she phases through a was particularly impressive because it perfectly capture every other look she gave during Joss Whedon and John Cassady run on Astonishing X-Men.  Male or female this is a great X-Men book to get started on whether you haven’t read one before or giving them another try like myself who was sick of how much the X-Men universe has splinter and been hard to follow. 

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