Transformers The Ride opens at Universal Orlando

This past weekend I visited Universal Studios Orlando to experience the newly opened Transformers The Ride and expanded Simpsons area.  The ride was fantastic.  Combining ride layout of Spider-Man 3D with over the top giant robot fighting.  I particularly like how you felt overwhelmed by the size of the Transformer due to the massive 3D screens used on the ride.  Because the ride just open on the 20th the line was crazy.  Thankfully they have a single rider line that cuts wait time down to nothing.  Afterwards I picked up my exclusive Autobots pass holder decal and headed to Simpsons to see the newly added Moe’s Tavern and restaurants.  To further expand The Simpson area they closed the International Food and Film Festival and converted it into various Simpsons themed eateries.  Including a Moe’s Tavern, Krusty Burger, and Cletus’ Chicken Shack.  Unfortunately I could not try any of the Duff Beer at Moe’s because I would have had to wait until the afternoon to be serve. However a friend visiting the park on the same day said it was delicious. I did however try a Lard Lad giant donut (for only $4.95!) and it was amazing.  If you like to see the remainder of the photo gallery visit our Facebook page 

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