Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

CGI Trailer

I had the fortune of getting into the Beta testing for Phase 3 of the game. Sadly though, I got in with only a few days left and didn’t have much opportunity to test everything out. I made a few characters, got to see some of the starting area, and did some quests, but nothing major (especially since at the end of the phase, which ended yesterday, everything got wiped character wise)


The history of Eorzea has been one giant roller coaster, switching from Astral (prosperous) and Umbral (disastrous). With the calamity that took place 5 years prior, the land is poised to enter into another Umbral period, known as the Seventh Umbral Era. To the east, the mighty Garlean Empire is amassing their troops, preparing to invade, whilst the beastman tribes are summoning their deities.

Comprised of Aldenard, the westernmost of the Three Great Continents, and its surrounding islands, the realm of Eorzea has been the place for several unique civilizations throughout time. Huge mountains dominate the north, their peaks forever lashed with icy winds, while to the south lies a bleak expanse of unforgiving desert. In this unforgiving, though vibrant region, the people of Eorzea have laid out their histories—a cycle of prosperous Astral and disastrous Umbral eras. The First Umbral Era brought an end to the age of the gods, and there have been six such eras of calamity since the First Astral Era brought about the age of man. Each of the Umbral catastrophies has, in turn, borne the characteristics of one of the six elements. With all the elements now represented, it was believed the current Astral era would last into eternity. But in the seventh verse of the Divine Chronicles, Mezaya Thousand Eyes prophesied a less fortunate fate. The “Senary Sun,” or Sixth Astral Era, would indeed end, and the “Septenary Moon,” or Seventh Umbral Era, would cast its shadow upon the land.

A Tour of Eorzea


The busy commercial hub of Ul’dah sits smack dab in the desolate desert landscape of southern Aldenard. The city is organized strategically around the dome-shaped citadel at its center. Its towering fortifications and protective outer walls are visible for miles in all directions, and serve as a stark deterrent to would-be attackers. Visitors come from all around to take part in the fighting arena’s and the gambling halls that have made the city famous. The wealth of the nation comes from its Tailoring and its vast mineral deposits. Historically, the Sultan is seen as the leader of the nation, when in reality, it is the 6 richest and most influential members of society that rule.

The classes that start int his fancy place are:

  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Thaumaturge


In the eastern part of the Aldenard landmass, home to vast, dense woodlands and coursing rivers, lies the forest nation of Gridania. The cityscape is a mosaic of waterways and great wooden structures, so perfectly constructed that they seem a part of the surrounding environment. The Gridanian emphasis on natural harmony has led to its high stature among Eorzea’s city-states in trades such as forestry, agriculture, carpentry, and leatherworking. Gridania is also home to the Wood Wailers, a militant band of polearm-wielding sentries charged with the protection of their homeland.

The classes that start in this city are:

  • Archer
  • Lancer
  • Conjurer

Limsa Lominsa

On the southern coast of the island of Vylbrand, under the shadow of ancient cliffs worn by the relentless onslaught of the Rhotano Sea, lies the marine city-state of Limsa Lominsa. Said to be blessed by the goddess of navigation, Llymlaen, the city is spread out over many tiny islands, each connected by sturdy bridges of iron and wood construction, earning her the name the “Navigator’s Veil” from traveling bards who have witnessed the city’s beauty from afar. Its economy is driven by shipbuilding, fishing, and blacksmithing, but the majority of wealth comes from the proffitable shipping industry.

The classes that start here are:

  • Marauder
  • Arcanist

Mor Dhona

Mor Dhona is an inland region of Eorzea, and the site of the first aerial battle in recorded history. A conflict that took place above Silvertear Lake. In the Year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, five years after the invasion of Ala Mhigo, the Garlean Empire finally rose from supposed inactivity to resume its attack on Eorzea. A fleet of airships was deployed to Mor Dhona, led by the massive flagship Agrius.

As the imperial fleet advanced into the skies above Silvertear Lake, the largest inland body of water in Aldenard, it was met with a wholly unexpected sight. Midgardsormr, the dragon deity of the lake, had arisen, summoned by a hand unknown. And as if to answer the mighty wyrm’s call, a host of dragons flew in from the northwestern reaches of Dravania and fell upon the Empire’s forces. The air was filled with the screeching roars of cannons and dragonkin alike. Locked in a deadly embrace, the thunderous impact of Midgardsormr and the dreadnought Agrius tolled their mutual demise. Thus ended the Battle of Silvertear Skies.


There are 5 different races in the land of Eorzea that are playable at this time:

  1. Hyur– Over the course of a thousand years, and 3 seperate migratory waves, the Hyur have become the most populated race in the land of Eorzea. They are average physique wise, in build and height. The Hyur are all about personal freedom and choice.hurya
  2. Miquo’Te– Though they are fewer in number, when compared to the Hyur, they are easier distinguishable, what with their large furry ears and cat-like tails.miquote
  3. Elezen– They are a tall race, with elven like ears, long limbs, and slender build. They are also elven like, with their extended lifespan, as compared to the other Eorzean races.elves
  4. Roegadyn– They are the most easily identifiable, with their large, bulky, muscular build. They are descended from a maritime people, you would traverse the northern seas.roegadyn
  5. Lalafell– Be careful where you step, you wouldn’t want to step on one of them. Small in stature, and childlike in looks, it proves almost impossible to tell the age of one of them.lalafell

Primals and their Beastman

Eorzea is home to myriad unique races. Among them are the tribes of the beastmen, who are responsible for calling down the god-like beings known as primals.

  1. Ifrit and the Imalj’aa- Ifrit is the embodiment of fire and fury, and is worshiped by the lizard-like Imalj’aa. The hulking Amalj’aa are a race of nomadic beastmen who inhabit the grasslands of Paglth’an, where they subsist by hunting the native wildlife.ff14
  2. Ramuh and the Sylphs- Ramuh is lightning given sage form. The Sylphs live deep within the Black Shroud, Sylphs look like delicate dolls wrapped in vibrant leaves.ramuh
  3. Garuda and the Ixal- Garudo is the queen of storms, and is bloodthirsty and even engenders mindless terror, among even her followers. This aggressive mountain tribe claims the wind-blasted canyons of Xelphatol as their domain.garuda
  4. Titan and the Kobolds- The indomitable will of the earth given form , beloved of the kobold clans. The kobolds are a race of mole-like creatures who have excavated a warren of tunnels beneath O’Ghomoro, a mighty peak rising in northern Vylbrand.titan
  5. Leviathan and the Sahagin- Lord of all waters, revered by the ocean-dwelling Sahagin. This aquatic race of beastmen reside in a city built at the bottom of the Indigo Deep.Leviathan
  6. Bahamut- His unleashing and subsequent destruction wrought by him, was the catalyst for the Seventh Umbral Era.bahamut
  7. Odin- A fell knight clad all in black, Odin roams paths long forgotten beneath the canopy of the Black Shroud.odin


Leave your mark by taking up Quests, or rise to take on unexpected perils by participating in FATE. Take up arms with friends and answer the call of Guildhests, or brave the depths of perilous Dungeons. The way you choose to level, and increase your fame is up to you.

Dungeon Crawl- Part 1

Dungeon Crawl- Part 2

  1. Quests– These are your basic means of getting money and experience points. Talk to the various NPC’s and they will give you stuff to do, whether it is giving another NPC an item, or going out and killing a certain number of enemies. The quests will vary, as will their rewards.
  2. FATE- Full Active Time Event (FATE) are events that will pop up at random times throughout your journey around Eorzea. If you decide to participate, all you have to do is get into the vicinity and do what it is telling you to do. You can get a Gold, Silver, or Bronze reward when the FATE is over. The kind of reward is based on how much of the FATE you participated in.
  3. Dungeons- Join up with friends or other people to tackle massive instanced area’s called dungeons.
  4. Guildhests– In aiding the people of Eorzea, adventurers are often challenged with tasks of great import.

Class and Jobs

In the Armoury System, if you want to change your playing style-or class- all you have to do is change the weapon that you have equipped. Each class is capable of different actions that are learned as you gain experience and levels. If you gain a certain level in mutiple classes, new jobs will open up for you, which allow even more character specialization. Classes are suited to those who desire versatility, Jobs grant access to exclusive actions and are ideal for situations that demand well-defined roles.


Eorzea is home to a many disciplines, so to be better prepared for adventures, adventurers start off as either a Disciple of War or a Disciple of Magic. Players who start as a Disciple of War, are players that are masters of arms who live for the thrill of battle. Those that start as a Disciple of Magic, are researchers of all things mystical and magical. Once you become experiences enough, you can delve into other classes to add diversity to your skills. Those seeking more peaceful pursuits may join up with the Disciples of the Land. They are those that gather or harvest Eorzea’s natural resources. Disciples of the Hand, on the other hand, use these materials to make items to sell and turn a profit.

Disciples of War consist of:

  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Marauder
  • Lancer
  • Archer

Disciples of Magic consist of:

  • Conjurer
  • Thaumaturge
  • Arcanist

Disciples of the Land consist of:

  • Miner
  • Botanist
  • Fisher

Disciples of the Hand consist of:

  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • Armorer
  • Goldsmith
  • Leatherworker
  • Weaver
  • Alchemist
  • Culinarian


Jobs refer to those martial paths that thrived in the past, but more recently they have not been used. Recently, probably due to the Calamity, has caused a sort of revival into these once lost paths of battle. By gaining a certain level in a specific class (or classes) a player can move beyond his basic class, and move into a job if he meets the requirements.

The many different Jobs are:

  • Paladin
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Dragoon
  • Bard
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage
  • Summoner
  • Scholar

And did someone say Chocobo battles? chocobo

They had a Live Letter with the game developers today:

  • Beta Phase 4 starts 17th/August and ends 19th/August.
  • Beta phase 3 players can start one day early on the 16th/August
  • Early access starts on the 24th/August, no down time between early access and launch.
  • Level cap is 20 in phase 4.
  • Arcanist available in phase 4
  • Fishing profession available in phase 4
  • Coliseum PVP will be in phase 4
  • Scholar confirmed to be healer role
  • Payment options Crysta, credit card, 30 day and 60 day game cards confirmed
  • Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch)
  • Free of charge smartphone apps (named Libra Eorzea) confirmed. Shows character stats, all abilities, quests, crafting materials, and basically all information about the game. Available 1 week after launch for
  • iOS and 3-4 weeks after launch for Android.
  • No item transfer between same account and same server available.
  • Barber shop not available at launch, In the barber shop you can change hairstyle, hair colour, face tattoo, face paint, face paint colour and beard.
  • Seasonal events confirmed (Xmas & new years confirmed so far), with season-themed gear obtainable
  • Snowman gear confirmed
  • Fire resistant swimsuit gear confirmed
  • New Eorzea 2013 Collection Video
  • Phase 4 data will not be wiped unless a game breaking bug is discovered.
  • Crystal Tower 24 man raid confirmed (not available at launch)
  • Primals finishing moves confirmed to be changing
  • No /tell allowed in raids.
  • Duty finder to be expanded over time.
  • Extreme difficulty setting confirmed for primals and dungeons
  • Unicorn mount confirmed, for white mage
  • Other unique mounts for different jobs available
  • Character gender and race effects mount sitting pose
  • Leviathan confirmed
  • Free companies earn points when members complete quests
  • EXP bonuses and other bonuses confirmed for free company members
  • Mob themed furniture for player housing confirmed
  • Marriage system confirmed (interesting)
  • Molbol battle confirmed
  • Darklight armour for WHM confirmed
  • Player housing not reliant on GC city, houses can be in any city
  • Job quests can be completed solo
  • After launch (patch 2.1) there will be better rewards for those who choose to join random dungeon in duty finder
  • Re-roll status points confirmed
  • Addon support coming 6 months after launch
  • GC based PVP confirmed. 4v4, 8v8 confirmed
  • The crater left by dalamud coming down is used as the coliseum
  • FFXIV WELCOME BACK CAMPAIGN . 1.0 players can play for free until September 9th.
  • VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM. Bonuses granted depending on how long you subscribe to A Realm Reborn for (not 1.0 subscriptions). Bonuses such as items, mounts and character remake ticket.
  • VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 30 day reward is wind up cursor minion and phial of fantasia.
  • VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 60 day reward is cascadier uniform and black chocobo minion.
  • VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 90 day reward is beady (tiny) eye minion and Voidal Resinator (Ahriman) mount .
  • VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 120, 180 day and more rewards confirmed.
  • Phase 4 Open Beta starts August 17-19 (16th for those that participated in Phase 3)
  • Head Start begins runs from August 24-26 (for those that pre-order)

Still no date on when we can go on and register our pre-order code, as soon as that is released, it will be added here

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