The Walking Dead Season 4, Loose Threads

At this point we can say that our little group of survivors have adapted pretty well to the zombie apocalypse. We have a great little farm, piglets, showers, story time (knife class), and a general council; all the makings for a community.

However I have beef with this new season already!

1-      It has been made a point in the show by now that having pet walkers can camouflage you from hungry dead. Why in the hell has the prison group not chopped off walker arms and jaws and tied up said walkers on the perimeter of the woods to disguise the living?

2-      Why is no one consistently making arrows so that those keeping watch can pick off walkers? Think about it taking down a walker 100 yards from the fence is one less walker pressing against said fence.

3-      Why in the world are they having breakfast outside? Do they just want to tease the walkers? “Hey look at us eating keeping ourselves fat and sassy for you!” So stupid!

4-      Violet the pig is sick and no one ever thinks to ask Herschel the veterinarian to take a look at her?

5-      I understand story time for children just as must as the next person but survival class is MUCH more important! “Please don’t tell your father.” No tell your father, if he has an issue with I’ll give him what’s up!

6-      Naming walkers (yeah I get the product placement) either way getting out and calling to the walkers stupid move, do it again and I’m tossing you over the fence!

7-      Remember Clara the creepy chick who looked like a zombie? Yeah I wouldn’t have followed her to her camp, who really would have? No person in their right mind would send out a twig of a person to get food so obviously something is up there.

8-      Whatever Rick went to Camp Creepy with Clara, not one of his best moves, and watches this chick commit suicide samurai style; staying until her final breath he walks away leaving her to turn. I hope she come back to the prison and chomps someone!

9-      Rick sees the dead pig and WALKS AWAY?!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! NO!

10-     Finally, everyone sleeps in cells with the doors open, um no thank you! It’s just Andrew and I and we sleep with our bedroom door closed, no why during a zombie apocalypse are we sleeping with the door open, they all deserve to lose sleep now!

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