Bros. before Ho-Ho-Ho’s

Feast of Winter Veil, image courtesy of Blizzard
Feast of Winter Veil, image courtesy of Blizzard


Feast of Winter Veil is in full swing. The World Event runs from December 16th-January 2nd. If you are playing as Horde, head over to Orgrimmar and see what Great-Father Winter has for you. Likewise, if you are playing as Alliance, head over to Ironforge and see what Greatfather Winter has for you. You will spend most of your time in your respected capital city, in Alterac Mountains (where the Daily Quests send you) and in enemy capitals to work on achievements.

You can buy patterns and recipes from Smokeywood Pastures NPC’s.

You also have a chance at getting 4 pets from christmas presents under the tree on December 25th.

There is also a 1% chance of a Dagger dropping from the Daily. I got Miniature Winter Veil Tree last Feast, but no such luck this year.

The big achievement of the event is  Merrymaker. It goes towards the achievement  What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been and rewards the Merrymaker title.

The achievements for Winter Veil are:

You might have noticed that when you go into Inns, you see Winter Revelers. If you /kiss one of the revelers, 2 things are going to happen.

  1. You will get a Mistletoe debuff, which prevents you from kissing another Reveler for an hour.
  2. you get 1 of 3 rewards that you need to complete some of the achievements: Fresh HollyHandful of SnowflakesMistletoe.

Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la requires you to use  Fresh Holly or  Preserved Holly while doing the Bomb Them Again! daily quest in Blade’s Edge Mountains. When you complete the quest, you will get the achievement.

To finish Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s, Alliance players will need to obtain 8 pieces of  Mistletoe while Horde players will only need 3. Then, players need to visit NPCs and use the Mistletoe on them.

The Daily Quest in Alterac Mountains is pretty much a Tank n Spank. The Abominable Greench has kidnapped Metzen the Reindeer. You have to go find the Greench, kill him, and talk to Metzen and he will return to Father-Winter.

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