Return of The Walking Dead, Worth the Wait?

AMC and The Walking Dead over the past few weeks have been stirring up some huge buzz in hopes to grab all the viewers they could for this past Sunday’s return; one question was it worth the cost?

This past Sunday’s episode was filled with zombies, rebellion, cussing, sleeping, and the all shocking chocolate pudding. I have no problem with episodes zooming in on a few characters and really telling a story, however I do find it lacking when that story is as basic as a childhood rebellion.

So here’s my list most favorite and least for The Walking Dead: After

1-      Michonne returning to prison was the most telling of just how attached she has become to this small group of survivors.

2-      The Hershel head, oh the Hershel head! I loved zombie Hershel, I know not everyone is a fan but it reinforces the actual danger of this infection! All those precautions and Hershel’s own beliefs did not stop the inevitable. No one is safe and no one can rest in peace.

3-      “Carl come the f*** on!” I must have said this a thousand times, why walk at least twenty yards in front of your injured father there is just SO MUCH danger there! *I don’t care how angry you are deal with it later!!!! I will come back to this!

4-      The gun shot in the diner for the Walker Joe Sr. I’m assuming, since when did gunshots not bring walkers? Also talk about a lack of caution on Carl’s part.

5-      I understand breaking into a home for shelter however I do not understand why they couldn’t attempt a break in that didn’t involve breaking the door frame. I again bring to the table the issue of noise attracting walkers. ** I’ll come back to this as well.

6-      Finally Carl’s stupidity catches up to him while he is screaming for Rick to wake up, walkers at the door. As viewers we don’t get to see how many are scratching at the door before Carl walks outside, so for argument’s sake let’s assume he peeked out to see. Who told Carl walking backwards to lure zombies away was a good idea? Who said luring them away was a good idea?

7-      Where in the hell were all the damn zombies that heard the gunshots after Carl shot his gun maybe a total of 7 times in one day? I wouldn’t bring this up if they didn’t make such a point of showing us just how f***ing quiet it was while Carl was snacking on the chocolate pudding!

8-      Michonne’s nightmare daymare zombimare was so absolutely perfect! The small details between showing her intelligence, life before, and composure to how she had to deal with it was apparently exactly what I wanted. Her question of, “Who’s going to open the wine?” says she fought to not give up what she had before.

9-      Personal walker herds apparently just show up if you have two pets, that’s something to think about. Also how the hell did not one of those zombies notice she was alive?!?!?!

10-   End of show still no walkers heading towards the neighborhood where gunshots were fired! Guess everyone should just move into that neighborhood! *eyeroll*

*Carl is such a little jerk, had the zombie apocalypse not happened I would like to think he would be in trouble every day at school. Seriously, if your dad’s is f***ed up and can barely walk you should probably assist him not walk twenty yards in front of him and not turn when he calls out. Rick could have had a zombie snacking on him and Carl would never have known! Damn it Carl would you listen for five minutes and stay in the house!

**It has been established more than once that zombies can notice out of the norm actions and noises such as gun shots or helicopters. How is it possible that not one coming plodding along when Carl is bustin’ caps in heads all day?

For me it was worth the wait for this episode even with the plot holes if only for the something to watch on Sunday!

On a side note if you did not watch The Talking Dead on Sunday you missed out, it was awesome! If you didn’t know just who brilliant Danai Gurira she will blow you away with both her brain and her beauty, she is a stunning woman! Seriously I kept saying, “I can’t get over just how beautiful she is.” I’ll say it I have a girl crush! J

Preview for this week’s episode below.

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