The trailer for the new Godzilla movie just came out today.

Godzilla actually looks (and sounds) like Godzilla this time around. Lets all pretend the Godzilla movie towards the end of the 90s never happened, shall we?


In theaters, May 16, 2014

Here is the international trailer that got released today

If you pause it at 1:19, you will see something that looks a lot like Rodan

One Reply to “Godzilla”

  1. More importantly we pretend the Puff Daddy song “Come With Me” featuring music from Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. I saw this movie in high school and when this song started to play during the end credits I went crazy. I started yelling up to the projectionist to turn the movie off. Thankfully the did. Still makes my skin crawl thinking about it. – Nate

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