Make Your Own Claptrap



Our Nerd Home is a great site for DIY geeky decor for your house. This time they have brought us a tutorial on how to make your own Claptrap trash can! Claptrap is the adorable dancing robot from the Borderlands game series. Some geek decor that is also functional? Count us in!
The list of supplies to make the claptrap is a little long but not too bad if you are a true vault hunter, here is what the claptrap trash can consists of:

-Step-on Trash Can
-LED Puck Light
-8″ Solid Rubber Tire
-PVC pipes and attachments
-Coaxial cable (you could use painted rope/bungee instead)
-Plastic vent cover
-Metallic Spray Paint
-Acrylic paint
-Painters tape
-Small hinges
-Eyebolts with washers and nuts
-Extending attena
-E-6000 / Goop type glue

Here are shots of the final product:


Click HERE to make your own Borderlands Claptrap trash can.

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