A Girl’s Guide to Leveling

First I wanna say hello! /wave

Okay, now down to business. You’re playing WoW and you need to know stuff, either you are too much of a noob to use a leveling guide, you starting playing because someone said it would be fun and had you enter yours and their e-mail/battle tag info when signing up, or you are too broke to go and buy a leveling guide. Or maybe you are just trying to find something out and you’re neither of these, however if you happen to be that person who signed up because your friend said it would be cool, they better be helping you level too because they probably got a pretty sweet mount for getting you to join. /flex

I’m assuming you purchased and downloaded the client, if not go purchase it and download. Once you start downloading make sure your computer will not go to sleep, then go out for a drink, go shopping, watch a movie, mow the lawn maybe mow your neighbor’s lawn because this is gonna take a while. /sleep

Once downloaded and ready to play, it’s time to choose your side. Are you Alliance or Horde? (If this is your first character you might feel like this is not that big of a deal but after you start leveling and put time into it you WILL care, and if you make a character for the opposite faction you WILL feel like a traitor.)

You will also need to choose what gender and race you will be. These will define starting point scenery, unless you want to go to the nearest large city to go to a different starting zone; the only race you CANNOT do this with is Pandaren. (Let’s face it you are that race don’t you WANT to know it’s back story.) *Race also somewhat defines your class I will come to that after the below screenshots.

Blood Elves
Blood Elves

Now that you have chosen your gender, faction, and race (yep that order) you will need to decide WHAT class you will be, you can’t just walk around Azeroth being nothing! Yes I mean nothing and you can’t you MUST do something, and this is important to pay at least a little bit of attention… if you can’t pay attention you may already want to consider giving up on and melee it requires A LOT of attention.


There are several different classes and not every race can be every class!

Okay kid here is where it gets tricky so this is how I best remember, there are three main sections for classes Healers (Druids, Priests, Shamans, Holy Paladins, Mistweaver (Monk)), Melee (you have your Paladins, Warriors, Rouges, Death Knights, WindWalker (Monk), Brewmasters (Monk), and Druids in Feral/Guardian, and Ranged (Mages, Hunters, Shamans, Warlocks, Preists, and Druids). Now please keep in mind if you go something like let’s say Brewmaster, Paladin, Deathknight (<which you can’t do until you have a certain level character), Warrior, Gaurdian Druids are considered tanks.

Now tanks are the players that keep the enemies attention, so if you want the dungeon or raid run to be on you then go for it.

If you have no clue what you should be here is a quick break down:

  • Ranged means you don’t have to move around lot even if the tank does you just have to be within the range of the spells you are using (we will come back to this later it’s easy to know). So if this is your very first character I would suggest going ranged so you have a good feel for things and can watch how things go down while you fight.
  • Melee is basically a fancy way of saying hand to hand, you will have better armor but will need to be right there inside the action and will take more damage (meaning if the healer is not good you could die faster). You will need to move around just as much as the tank, or you will be unable to attack.
  • Healers are ranged and the fate or everyone in your party is in your hands, if you have always wanted to play god then this is your class! You will need to be quick and have great reflexes because if people or their gear (armor) is not at the level it should be they will take more damage and die faster and you will need to keep up in that! (If you don’t keep up you will get snarked at)


Now that you have a good idea of what there is and isn’t you gotta pick what you want.

Got a long attention span? Maybe you should be able tank! Wanna just run along and have fun? Maybe ranged is for you. Got a wonderful attention span but don’t want to piss everyone in the raid or dungeon off? Then healing maybe your perfect first class.

Note here that what you do is not completely set here; you get to choose talents (special skills) which will allow races like Monks to do what they wish after they have tried it out.

You are now ready to get going! /Dance


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