The Triumvirate


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Amanda– I have not always been a geek; but after that first battle cry in a battleground, page in a comic, in game head shot and trip through the time vortex my whole life changed! I LOVE both old and new movies, but it breaks my heart to see horrible remakes! Several other various things I enjoy Anime (only a few shows though), going to Cons, science and baking cupcakes! I had no choice but to turn Nate to the Who side you can’t half ass being a geek you gotta go all the way! đŸ™‚ Oh… one more thing, favorite insult “I hope you lag!” Follow on twitter @a_waiting100

Amanda with a Wolverine at Animazement

Andrew– Football fan and gaming aficionado. My earliest memories are of my NES/SNES and Pittsburgh Steelers football games. Follow on twitter @dalek_kitty

Andrew and Tim Russ aka Tuvok

Nate– Began watching movies at a young age because those pretend worlds on the big screen just seemed awesome. Immediately knew I was a geek when I met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Disney MGM Studios. Began reading comic books at age 12 and it forever changed my view of the world and how I communicated. Other favorites things include Star Wars, hockey, history, and beer cheese soup (how can you not? It’s beer and cheese in a soup format!). My fellow bloggers got me hooked on all things Doctor Who. They also a fun couple to be around and have strong opinions about a variety of topics. I am looking forward to this endeavor with them. Follow on twitter @northphotog

Nate at a Cyberdyne Industries convention

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