Amusement Park Tactics

Here are some tips for the various amusement parks in Orlando, Florida

Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios


I recommend doing Islands of Adventure on the day you have the most time.   Universal Studios has less rides and is usually not as busy so you can get through most of the attractions in less time.

Recommend going to Harry Potter first thing in the morning when the least amount of people are there so you can look around and see everything. There are so many greats displays and hints of things from the books and movies it worth soaking it all in.  Even the restrooms have some fun stuff.  And I would recommend then going back to Harry Potter towards ends of the evening to see Hogwarts all lite up at night.

Do the main harry potter ride right away in the morning or right before you plan to take a rest/meal time.  Many people I have gone with, including myself have gotten very mildly motion illness right after this ride.  I think it’s a combination of the video screens and motion from the unique ride structure.  A few extras minutes to reboot afterwards are usually a good idea.

Get butter beer inside The Three Broomsticks instead of outside.  It is usually quicker and if you go out on the terrace you get a great view of Hogwarts.  This is my favorite place to eat at either park.

The meal plan is a good if you two can find a way to share the food however the food that is available at these places are no always as good and the way the structure the service you can be waiting a little to long for food (this happened to me on my very first visit)

I haven’t seen or been on every ride or show but there most attractions I have like or loved.  Only one I had a really bad experience with was Simpsons Ride.

Make sure you have your cars keys and any other valuables secured.   Put everything in a locker when riding any coaster because you are surprised how easy it is to lose a something.

If you are staying at a Universal Studios hotel they may have early admission for guests and access to exclusive deals

Hollywood Studios

Icon of Hollywood Studios Mickey's Sorcerer Hat
Icon of Hollywood Studios Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat

No matter the park because of the time of here the early you can start when a park opens the better you will get to more of want you want to see.  Every time I go you can tell when it’s get to be 10, 11 am because the parks surge up with families and kids just getting up for the day.

If you need a break from the day get in line for the Car Stunt show, back lot tours or Art of animation tour.  They are all good chances to sit for a bit and to see some cool things.

And the end of the Back lot tours includes a museum full of movie artifacts they you can go to without having to take the tour.  It’s located near the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

If you are going to eat somewhere for lunch that is sit down I highly recommend the Sci –Fi Drive In.  The food is good but the whole indoor drive in is really cool.

If you do plan on eating anywhere that is sit down, I say you should look at Disney website now for any available reservations so you can plan around that reservation.

Try and get fast pass for Toy Story, Rocking Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror.  The first two always have lines but sometimes the Tower of Terror varies widely throughout the day.

Hollywood Studios has great stuff hidden all over with movie, tv stuff.

There are a Beauty and the Beast show and a Fantastic show at night, those are good times to do rides since people will be at those.

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