Con Survival 101

Getting ready for a Con is kinda like getting ready for an apocalypse, you leave your house nice and packed thinking you have everything you get halfway there and realize you forgot your toothbrush, razors, or phone charger. This leaves you doing the midnight store run with your friends that was originally supposed to be for red bull, beer and last minute costume things an actual grocery run. Hoping you find the items you forgot and not forget any items you previously didn’t notice you forgot and won’t notice until you shower in the morning. You don’t want your first morning to start of like that!

The next morning in your rush to wake up early enough to get your tickets, make that panel, or just maybe beat the rush into the exhibit hall you try to pack enough light weight snacks and gear to get you through the day. If you are lucky you’re not the one carrying that backpack!

Here a few tips to hopefully help you survive this year’s Cons!

  • Check the weather report for the area, you want to know if you will be waiting in heat, cold, wind, or rain to get your passes. This will let you know whether to wear your costumes that day or not.
  • Charge your phone ALL night and turn off the GPS if you’re not using it; you WILL want to take pictures and post them forget to charge and forget that chick in spandex.
  • Bring that extra hair tie, it will come in handy!
  • Have an empty paper towel roll/s? Bring the cardboard thingy, it will come in handy to keep your posters or art rolled!
  • Hand sanitizer you WILL bump into gross, it will be sweaty AND sticky you will want to chop your hand off it’s just easier and less messy to use the sanitizer than to grab a plastic ax.
  • Bottled Water! It will weigh down your backpack bit but it’s better to buy a cheap $2.99 24 pack at the drug store and carry around a bottle per person than buy a $8 bottle per person later one! Going to wait in the sun for your passes at let’s say something like DragonCon, freeze that water and bring it, it’ll be a long wait with zero mercy.
  • Plan on wearing heeled boots? Brings a pair of fold-able flats, they are around $10 and roughly less than 1/5 inch thick, easily pushed down the inside of your boots! One per boot to avoid lopsidedness. Think you can wear heels all day with no problem; a con is different than wearing them to work then out afterwards trust me! No one will judge you if you are carrying a pair of boots.
  • Wearing flats, sneakers, or flip flops? Get something that will offer some extra arch support, you will be on your feet they will hurt after day one.
  • Is it windy yet not cold but you get cold easy and want to bring that light sweater just in case…DON’T! Odds are you won’t have access to a washer and dryer at the hotel and you don’t want your everywhere sweater touching everyone’s everywhere, it may be cool outside but inside it will be hot, with so many people in one area it will be hot and some people will sweat and start taking some seemingly necessary layers off. You don’t want to take your sweater off tie it around your waist and have it brush against everything then later where it to dinner.
  • For all the guys, get something to ward off chafing, from what I understand when it happens it’s not something you want to be dealing with around a thousand other people. Be prepared just in case.

Keep an eye out for more survival tips!

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