The Longest Day to end Alzheimer’s Giveaway


Our theme for this year Alzheimers’s Association The Longest Day fundraiser is retro gaming. We will be live streaming games all day on June 2oth, 2016.  For more information and about how you can donate to the cause go here Geektriumvirate.

To gain further interest we are having a give-away with some great gaming themed prizes.  No obligation to donate to be enter you can enter three ways.

  1. Fill out the form below with your favorite retro game
  2. Go to our Facebook and post your favorite retro game along with the hashtag #GeeksENDALZ
  3. Go to Twitter and tweet @geektri your favorite retro gaming along with the hashtag #GeeksENDALZ

One account per each site will be eligible. Deadline is June 19th and then we will pick winners on June 20th as well as have prizes giving during the live stream.  Good luck and thanks for helping us support a end to Alzhemiers.