Cloud Atlas- Probably a Confusing Review :)

Have you been wondering about reincarnation, love, time travel and various human oddities? Then Cloud Atlas may just very well be the movie for you. Set in various time periods spinning intricate web… Continue reading

Football Picks, Week 8

Carolina at Chicago Cam Newton will continue his trend of throwing picks at the wrong time, pissing the game away, and today will not be any different. Carolina-14 Chicago-23 San Diego at Cleveland… Continue reading

Tampa Bay Comic Con! 2012 gallery

For more information about my visit to Tampa Bay Comic Con on October 20, 2012 click here  

Football Rantings, Week 7

Baltimore at Houston The whole nation saw yesterday, that Ray Rice is the real MVP of this team, and if the game is put in Joe Flacco’s hands, he is unable to get… Continue reading

Bow Ties are Cool!

Gallery of Doctor Who related photos and costumes from various conventions we visited in 2012

An Undead Premiere

8:55pm “Tell Nate not to text us anything, I’m gonna wait to turn it on so we can fast forward through commercials.” My husband tells me as he walks out of the kitchen.… Continue reading

Mists of Pandaria

It’s that time again, it’s expansion time and you know what that means. All that hard work you put in and all hours you put towards getting your purples will soon be obsolete… Continue reading


Are You Prepared?

Everyone laughs at the thought of a zombie apocalypse happening, however the below link gives five reasons why such an event could happen. Would you be prepared in the event of an… Continue reading

One Day Until The Walking Dead