Funko brings back my childhood!

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We love Funko around here. Their POP! vinyl figures have always been a lot of fun but lately they have been bringing some really great things out. Every time I look at some of the in stock and up and coming products I can’t help but think of my  childhood. He Man, Back to the Future, TMNT, Power Rangers, and now the announcement of The Goonies! Could there be anything more exciting?


  The best part of the Funko POP! line is the diversity of the licensing. They have so many genres options from comic books, movies,  tv shows, and Disney just to name a few. In some cases it’s the only time you can expect to see a product from these licenses made. Take The Goonies for example. It’s not the ’80s anymore so expectations for stumbling across a Chunk figure are pretty low until now.


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