Geek Triumvirate is going to PAX Prime

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We are attending PAX Prime this weekend! PAX is a show/convention exclusively about gaming and since 2004 has expanded to multiple events and thousands in attendance. We are looking forward to seeing upcoming games such as Star Wars Battlefield, Disney Infinity, and Call of Duty.

Are you going to be in attendance? If not leave questions or comments about what you like us to try and check out while we are there. For more information visit

35 Days Until DragonCon

Geek Triumvirate will be making its annual pilgrimage to DragonCon in Atlanta again this year.  To countdown the days we will be sharing images, videos, and helpful tips from our previous visits.

This morning Dragon Con released their parade route for 2014. ┬áHere is the link to for more information. Below is a map of the route and pictures from last year’s parade.


DC2013_D2 (43)
Waldo on a Unicycle
DC2013_D2 (196)
Fraggle Rock puppeteers
DC2013_D2 (620)
Netherworld Haunted House float