Geek Triumvirate Podcast #04 – San Diego Comic Con

Our latest podcast featuring guest and friend of the blog Jason. Get into some heated debates the trailers and news from San Diego Comic Con 2015. If interested in geeky things every month check out Loot Crate

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Geek Triumvirate Podcast #04 – Comic Con

DragonCon 2014 Cosplay – Updated 8/25

Excited for Dragon Con as much as we are?  A big part of Dragon Con is the amazing, unique, and skillfully crafted cosplay.   He is a glimpse into what we are doing this year and have done in the past.  For more information about Dragon Con visit


Again this year for Dragon Con I will be cosplaying as Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park.  Last year I went as Muldoon but combined elements of the video game Borderlands.  This year I purchased a superior fitting hat then previous one.  Also purchased a SPAS-12 shotgun seen in the sequence where Muldoon is hunting the escaped raptors. – Nate (8/01)

In addition to Jurassic Park cosplay I will be dressing as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who and possible as a House Ravenclaw student from Harry Potter films and books. – Nate (8/22)

 New for this year


Dragon Cons’ of the past


45 Days Until Dragon Con

Geek Triumvirate will be making its annual pilgrimage to DragonCon in Atlanta again this year.  To countdown the days we will be sharing images, videos, and helpful tips from our previous visits.

Trailer for new season of Doctor Who was released.  Whovians are strongly present and DragonCon and imagine this year will be no exceptions.  Below is a picture from 2012.

Doctor Who (22)
Amanda and Doctor Who cosplayer at DragonCon 2012. Amanda is a Sith and women is wearing a K-9 poodle skirt and 4th Doctor scarf.


56 Days Until DragonCon

Geek Triumvirate will be making its annual pilgrimage to DragonCon in Atlanta again this year.  To countdown the days we will be sharing images, videos, and helpful tips from our previous visits.

Here is a picture of Garret Wang aka Ensign Kim for Star Trek: Voyager.  He was director of the Star Trek trax that year at DragonCon and spent a good 20 minutes talking to us about his clothing line Cosmic City, our impressions of DC, other cons in the Southeast.  A great experience and big reason we keep going back is great encounters with the geek/nerd culture.

Garrett Wang showing off his Cosmic City Doctor Who steampunk t-shirt
Garrett Wang aka Ensign Kim of Star Trek: Voyager showing off his Cosmic City Doctor Who steampunk t-shirt. From DragonCon 2012

The Time of the Doctor Updated 12/18/13

Get your tissue ready. All reports from filming, the regeneration scene from Smith to Capaldi will be gut wrenching and tear inducing. The official synopsis goes as follows:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars… Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

The BBC has also released 2 promo posters, with key differences:

capaHere you can see the attire that they both will be wearing, as well as a cyberman who looks like he drank too much the night before, and then the clock tower in the background that is stopped at midnight. Also, if you look really close, between the cybermans disembodied head and Smith’s coat, you will see a lantern with Peter Capaldi’s face in it.

mcganThis is practically the same picture, just in landscape format. Here, you can see 3 Silent’s in the back, as well as what appears to be Weeping Angels reaching out of the snow. There is also a lantern between The Doctor and Clara with a face in it, but this time the face is Paul McGann. Will we possibly be seeing him again for some more screen time at Christmas?

Updated 12/5/13

xmas xmas2 xmas3 xmas4 xmas5 xmas6 xmas7

Nothing really much to see here, from the various bits that are in the BBC’s Christmas trailers for all their shows, it looks like the Alliance from Season 5’s finale is back and in the mix in this one. The most shocking of the pictures is the last one, because he is walking away from The Silence, and if rumor’s are accurate, he has formed some kind of alliance/truce with them, which right now is kind of confusing, given what we know (or what we think we know) of them and their motives.

Updated 12/6/13

Another set of pictures, but this time they are quite interesting:

xmas8 xmas9 xmas10 xmas11 xmas12 xmas13 xmas14 xmas15 xmas16 xmas17First off, is there anything better than a wooden Cyberman? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that it was made by either The Doctor or one of the inhabitants of the Christmas town on Trenzalore. I’m not quite sure of the purpose of said Cyberman, maybe a sentry of some sort, since the circle is a different color than the normal metal ones. Somehow The Doctor has gotten another Dalek eye-stalk, more than likely for some sort of whimsical purpose no doubt. The most interesting of the bunch would be of the last two. I’m going to assume this is the Papal Mainframe that we last heard of in A Good Man Goes To War.

This Christmas special is gearing up to be jam packed, and in this case, that is a good thing.

Updated 12/11/13

The BBC released the trailer for the Christmas special, as well as more pictures,  so here you go 🙂

xmas18 xmas19 xmas20 xmas21 xmas22 xmas23 xmas24 xmas25 xmas26 xmas27 xmas28 xmas29 xmas30 xmas31 xmas32 xmas33 xmas34 xmas35 xmas36Picture shows: ORLA BRADY as Tasha Lem

Updated 12/18/13

The Gift of Gifting: Part 1

First installment of our geeky holiday gift guide.


Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset

Available at Best Buy and Amazon for $299.99.  Set includes Series 1-7 which is both Russell T Davies and Stephen Moffats series. Series features 9th Doctor Christopher Eccelston, 10th Doctor David Tennant, and 11th Doctor Matt Smith.   Collection also includes remote sonic screwdrivers, comic book, and Doctor lithographs.

MLMWD001lgAMC® The Walking Dead® Officially Licensed Michonne’s Katana with Display Stand

Michonne katana from The Walking Dead. This katana is a licensed replica of Michonne’s sword. It is crafted with traditional Japanese sword making techniques and is hand-forged from 1045 high-carbon steel. The handle is wrapped in genuine ray skin and leather. Don’t be fooled by the imitators. This is a limited edition sword and only 5,000 pieces will be made.  Comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Fight the Dead. Fear the Living! Priced from $220-280.

Various Funko POP! figures

Funko’s POP! figures are some of the hottest items this year.  They keep adding more and more pop culture collections.  Jump over to our friends at JMD Retail to purchase these and many others.