Last Minute Borderlands Themed Gifts

For your loved ones who are still obsessed with the planet Pandora and the world of the video game Borderlands here are some last minute gift ideas.  All these can be found at the following links.,, 2kStore,


Disappointed by Gearbox collectible

Last week my girlfriend Theresa and I purchased a Borderlands 2 collectible from Gearbox Software and  Ever since it was announced at Pax East we have both been excited to get our loot chest, vault hunter posters, and Goliath replica mask. Unfortunately, when Theresa opened up the loot chest in the mail, she was quite disappointed by the value of goods she had received.  The Goliath replica mask was made of a cheap plastic and had a string to hold on your face. It was cheaper then a Halloween mask you would get at the dollar store.  Most people thought this was supposed to be a nice mask, but because no actual photo was shown when ordering, there was no way to know.  We had also assumed that the wanted poster were going to be individual posters, but we were wrong.  It just a small 11×14 poster with all 4 vault hunters on it.  The loot chest is of OK quality.  The decals are pedestrian.  I have seen better ones at The only real value is the legendary item cards with shift codes.   There are 20 of them, some of which we already have.  Overall this was not worth $100 and I feel Gearbox and ThinkGeek bamboozled those who purchase the diamond loot chest.