Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (updated 11/15/13)

This coming Monday begins filming for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. Stay tuned here for updates (pictures, set reports, rumors). I will be doing my best to keep this up to date for everyone

As of March 30th, David Tennant, Billie Piper, and John Hurt have been announced to have some sort of starring role in the 50th. And just so no one thinks I was kidding, here is the first photo from the 50th, shot shortly after a read through

mattdaviJoanna Page (Gavin and Stacey, The Syndicate) has been announced as a guest star for the 50th.

The Zygons will be returning for the 50th anniversary. Other than being mentioned (The Pandorica Opens, The Power of Three), they have only been in one Doctor Who story. So after 30 years (the Fourth Doctor story, Terror of the Zygons). In “The Pandorica Opens”, they were among the aliens said to be amassing over Stonehenge. In “The Power of Three” they were mentioned to having a ship under the Savoy Hotel back in 1890, where they replaced half the staff with duplicates. They have been a fan favorite, so it looks like the Moff is really pulling out all the stops with the 50th, and this geek is happy about that. zygonJemma Redgrave will be returning for the 50th Anniversary as Kate Stewart.

Here is a photo of Matt and David in front of the TARDIS, obviously trying to figure out what the hell is going on50thfilm525203_578315105534730_224299046_nUpdate 5/20/2013

Another update on a returning villian…The only thing that we don’t know is who will be playing him


Yup. Omega will be back for the 50th. It makes sense, all the symbols we have been seeing in the banners and on the Cleric’s uniform. (This is beginning to seem less likely, since nothing further has come out, or he could just come out of nowhere, being behind everything that has been going on .)

Update 10/19/2013


The BBC just released a little minute long trailer with stuff from the past 50 years. Rumors of an actual 50 trailer within the next week or so, so here is hoping we also get that. So, in case you haven’t seen it

I’m thinking John Hurt might be playing an incarnation before the 1st Doctor, but I think that might be too much to ask. He will more than likely be playing a forgotten doctor between 8 & 9, doing what needed to be done during the Time War. The uber nerd in me is REALLY hoping for John Hurt to be playing The Other.

Click the link below to read up on The Other.

Update 11/4/2013

Here is the official synopsis for the 50th anniversary special:

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th Anniversary Special: in 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

If I remember correctly, the National Gallery was where the Pandorica was located for filming, so there is that to think about. I’m not sure what is going on back in 1562, but obviously the ancient battle is the Last Great Time War, where I think that the Hurt Doctor sides with the Dalek’s, since the Time Lords were gonna wipe out all creation to become creatures of consciousness.

Update 11/9/2013

I know many of you probably saw the “leaked” trailer yesterday, but I waited until today to put it up, in case it was embargo’d, and I didn’t want to incur the wrath of the BBC and/or the Moff

There will be a 2nd trailer tomorrow as well, but until then, here is another little teaser trailer, and hopefully you can see what is just “impossible” about it

This is the 2nd trailer, seems they decided to release it today instead of tomorrow like they originally said. This one seems to have more of a focus on the time war.

A few screenshots from the trailer.












Updated 11/14/13

Introducing John Hurt as, The War Doctor

This was amazing. I know Paul has his work in the Big Finish audio tapes, but it would have been good if they brought the show back with him as The Doctor. I can kinda see why they didn’t though, seeing as the movie was seen universally as a complete and utter failure (not because of him, mostly due to the writing)

Updated 11/15/13

I guess whatever was in those paintings got free and sent back to 1562 (Zygons maybe?)

The Crimson Horror

tchStrax possibly talking strategy with Vashtra and Jenny

tch2The Sweetville candy factory

tch3Good to see this room back, wonder if she will be drinking blood again

tch4What did he just find?

tch5There always seems to be some sinister old woman behind everything that is dastardly

tch6The graininess of this shot seems to be important, and timey-wimey

tch7Oh, eye see what you did there….

tch8Strax finally gets to shoot things

tch9Such a cute couple


  • The Doctor has a bit of an accent
  • “My special Monster”
  • You’ll meet the first ever Tom Tom
  • Something happens to Clara that many a fan boy wish they could do
  • I think the Doctor has a bit of a thing for Jenny
  • The chair is mightier than the ***********

Next Time Trailer

Preview #1

Attack of the Super Models

The Name of The Doctor


Everything is still speculation as to what might happen in the episode, but the synopsis paints a pretty good picture:

“Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him towards the one place in all of time and space that he should never go”

The episode takes place in Victorian times again, so it looks like it will have something to to do with Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. Couple that with River being in the episode as well as the Great Intelligence, looks like the GI is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, and taking them to Trenzalore, for obviously something nefarious.

The episode airs on May 18th, so hopefully as we get closer to the air date, I will have more information (excluding major spoiers) to put on here (Sadly, even with the BBC America shipping screw up, no major spoilers have come out. A tight lid is being kept on this, all there is is rumors and speculation)

Doctor Who Magazine has officially said that River is returning, but they say it is River returning from The Library…could she have really survived, since we didn’t see a body when we thought she was basically vaporized

The Doctor has a secret that he will take to his grave. And it is discovered…..

who finale

Updated 5/3/2013

Clara is summoned to an impossible conference call, alerting her that the deadly Whisper Men are closing in on Vastra, Jenny and Strax.

Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him toward the one place in all of time and space that he should never go. It’s a deadly trap that threatens to unravel his past, present and future…

Updated 5/15/13

Apparently the rumor going around is that the doctor’s name is the key to opening his tomb, and once a timelord dies their body resembles a wibbly wobbly timey vortex of strands, signifying their travels and all they have done. Apparently the Great Intelligence wants access to this, for something nefarious, and Clara ends up jumping in to save him. This could explain the multiple Clara’s that we have seen (and havent seen yet). They could be doing this ala Quantam Leap. She goes in, and inhabits the body of one of his companions at a certain point in time, saving him, and dying in the process. After she dies, she comes back to the TARDIS, and does it all over again. So if that is what they are doing with Clara, then that could also be what they do with the GI. He goes in, and possesses all the doctors enemies at different points, and tries to kill him.


More than likely the start of the episode. Perhaps we might see a certain Doctor and granddaughter “stealing” a TARDIS

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BA jigsaw picture of Clara, and a piece is missing. The red dot could possibly be signifying Gallifrey

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BTaken from the “5 Doctor special” seeing as Bessie is going by in a yellow blur

DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BClara as she is dissolving into the Doctor’s timestream


Could they be looking at the sight of a busted up TARDIS tomb?


DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7BThe Doctor and the Potternoster Gang meeting up with “Simeon” and the Whisperman


“Simeon” and his Whisperman


who finalePossibly after all is said and done

  • That’s some familiar eye-wear…
  • Someone talks about a parallel world.
  • Bit of a Silence of the Lambs vibe going on there. And a Borrowers vibe.
  • There is a cliffhanger very early on.
  • Moffat has a dig at his own “people”.
  • If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.
  • Clara talks about her mother…
  • Wow, is Steven Moffat a fan of Courtney Love and Smokey Robinson?
  • Someone should have locked the door.
  • ‘The Christmas Invasion’ and ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ get referenced.

Preview Clip