Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: An Introduction by Sir Hammerlock & Mr. TORGUE!

Few items of note:

  • Sound like they have updated the Badass ranking system to at least include sharing with others. Hopefully it includes better sorting abilities
  • Enemies have some new features such as heal other enemies
  • They briefly showed Handsome Jack fighting so hopefully we will get a announce about playing him as a fifth character.

Read These New Comics for 7/02

Pick of the Week


Rocket Racoon #1 by Marvel Comics

ALL-NEW, IN-CONTINUITY SERIES! As defenders of the cosmos go, Rocket Raccoon has faced his fair share of galactic battles. He’s been a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a protector of the innocent, a heartthrob to the many intergalactic female species and now — a raccoon on the run?! ( I’m sorry, I’m sorry, a ‘formidable-and-expert-Guardian’ on the run. Rocket is NOT a raccoon, okay?) Rocket’s high-flying life of adventure and heroism may soon be a thing of the past when he becomes a wanted man-and the authorities are not the only one on his TAIL! (We’ll definitely be overusing that pun!) Superstar creator Skottie Young brings his A-game as writer and artist on the series we’ve been waiting decades for. Because let’s be real, this is the only Guardian of the Galaxy you actually care about. 


Deadpool vs. X-Force #1 by Marvel Comics

Journey back to the heady days of the 1990s, when two characters debuted who would change the face of comics… Cable & Deadpool!

In this all-new tale, we learn of the pair’s first meeting, well before New Mutants #98, as Cable and his soon-to-be X-Force race through the timestream to stop the reckless mercenary Deadpool before he destroys American history for good!


Doctor Spektor Master of the Occult #2 by Dynamite Entertainment

Nothing makes sense… everything that Doctor Spektor has ever known is called into question, and he’ll stop at nothing to uncover the secrets and lies that hide beneath the surface of reality. Can the Master Of The Occult overcome his fears, and learn the unfathomable secrets of the universe? Only the legendary MARK WAID (Daredevil) and NEIL EDWARDS (X-Factor) can tell you…


Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #1 by Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon and Groot – your favorite cosmic bounty hunters (and soon to be world-famous movie stars) – leap into action in an all-new adventure! Could it possibly happen? Is Groot attempting to arrest his best bud Rocket? Plus: Reprinting THOR #314, featuring the Thunder God in cosmic combat with the mean, green Guardian known as Drax


Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #4 by Marvel Comics

When the Iron Fist opens his heart to someone, is it inevitable blood will follow?

Are the wolves literally at the door?

There is no place to hide, there is nowhere that is safe from the ghosts of Danny Rand’s past.


Legendary Star-Lord #1 by Marvel Comics

From the pages of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!
A brand new series from SAM HUMPHRIES and PACO MEDINA! In this exciting first issue, Peter Quill battles the Badoon, fights to save an orphanage, and still finds time for some flirting with Kitty Pryde — but it’s all in a day’s work for the STAR-LORD!


Miracleman #8 by Marvel Comics

Miracleman vs. Miracledog!

Miracleman and Gargunza. Their dreams have been intertwined since 1954. Tonight, one will realize his dream, and the other…

Including stories originally presented in MIRACLEMAN #7-8, plus bonus material.


Moon Knight #5 by Marvel Comics

An abandoned hotel in New York contains a single abductee and upwards of twenty armed mob enforcers. Moon Knight is going to go inside and rescue the abductee. Alone.
Every issue has sold out! Go ahead and up your orders so your readers don’t miss out!


Original Sin #5 by Marvel Comics

Find out the secret history of the Unseen!
What is the Original Sin?


Satellite Sam #9 by Image Comics

The clock runs out to save the network from scandal as Michael makes the biggest mistake of his life-and the only friend he has left behind the scenes has to face his father’s killer alone.


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes #1 by Is

Sam Fisher, once a Splinter Cell–a clandestine operative operating in the shadows of the NSA–is now retired. His enemies, however, are not. Haunted by dreams and memories of his past, he struggles to put his life back together. But when a mysterious terrorist organization called KROWE begins pursuing targets around the globe, Sam’s expertise is needed to uncover their endgame and stop them before the deadly plot unfolds. ‘Echoes’ takes place between the events of Splinter Cell Conviction and Splinter Cell Blacklist. The series bridges the gap between the two games with a realistic, original story that sets the tone for the opening events in Splinter Cell Blacklist! From Nathan Edmondson, the acclaimed writer of ULTIMATE IRON MAN, WHO IS JAKE ELLIS and THE ACTI- VITY and Marc Laming, artist behind EXILE ON THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE RINSE, THE ACTIVITY and Dynamite’s own KINGS WATCH comes a story of the Sam Fisher you only thought you knew.

Alternate Covers

Read These New Comics for 5/07

Pick of the Week


Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 by Marvel Comics

He sought revenge… and found responsibility. From that night on, a new life began.

Join Peter Parker as he takes his first steps towards finding his way in the world as Spider-Man.

The chapter you never knew about the story you know by heart.

Dan Slott (SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN TORCH) and Ramon Perez (the Eisner winning TALE OF SAND & WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) bring you a new & reverent spin on the first 60 days of Spider-Man.

STK638117Astro City #12 by DC Comics

What makes a man dress to the nines to commit crimes? Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross are joined by ASTRO CITY’s first-ever guest artist, Graham Nolan (BATMAN, TALON, X-Men Forever), for a look deep into the life of a costumed criminal – the Gentleman Bandit of the Menagerie Gang, the Sweet Adelines, the Gatsbies and more. Featuring appearances by the Jack-In-The-Box and the Confessor!


Maxx Maxximized #7 by IDW Publishing

Guest starring Dale Keown’s THE PITT! While a doctor discovers a secret about an old Maxx acquaintance, Maxx and Julie take a trip to the Outback together… where they discover, among other things – The Pitt! And while Maxx and Pitt defend themselves in the outback, they shift into miniature versions of themselves in Julie’s apartment, fighting off a GIANT ISZ, who threatens to devour them!


Miracleman #5 by Marvel Comics

Book Two: The Red King Syndrome begins!

The twisted genius who created Miracleman initiates a long-held plan that threatens Miracleman’s family.

The origins of Dr. Emil Gargunza his Project Zarathustra are revealed.

Issue #5 includes material originally presented in WARRIOR #12-15>, plus bonus material.


Moon Knight #3by Marvel Comics

In this issue: Moon Knight punches ghosts.


Original Sin #1 by Marvel Comics

The Watcher, the mysterious space-god who’s been watching us from the moon for as long as we can remember… is dead. Thus begins the greatest murder mystery in Marvel Comics history. As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, other forces are marshaling as well and other questions are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher and Dr. Strange? Who is the Unseen? What was the Original Sin? What was stolen from the Watcher’s lair? And most importantly, who now holds the Marvel Universe’s darkest secrets in the palm of their hand?


Satellite Sam #8 by Image Comics

SEX! DEATH! LIVE TV! Michael and Kara make a major breakthrough in their unofficial investigation into the death of the man that played ‘Satellite Sam’ as everyone’s kinks and obsessions go into overdrive-and scandal threatens to tear the show and the network apart.

Read These New Comics for 4/02

Pick of the Week



Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1 by Marvel Comics


Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here!

Plus: Gamora! Korath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


Ash and The Army of Darkness #5 by Dynamite Entertainment

Everything comes to a head as Ash and Sheila fight their way out of the Dark Wood. The Deadites, under the leadership of the possessed Wiseman, have grown an army twice the size they had before and this time they are determined to destroy Arthurs castle and retrieve the Book of the Dead once and for all.


Moon Knight #2 by Marvel Comics

The best new comic of 2014 continues with a story that has to be experienced to be believed!?


Starlight #2 by Image Comics

Duke McQueen once saved an alien world from destruction – but it happened in a place nobody believes in, during a time nobody remembers. Surrounded by memories of his late wife and his happier past, Duke’s days as a hero are long gone… or so he thinks! Now, a young visitor from the world Duke once saved is coming to him with a desperate plea for help. It’s one last chance at adventure for Duke, and another chapter to unfold in the ever-expanding Millarworld Universe!

Read These New Comics for 3/5


Forever Evil #6 by DC Comics

The final fate of Nightwing! The most unlikely of allies have set the Crime Syndicate in their sights – and they’re playing for keeps while the life of a hero hangs in the balance! Plus, the identity of the mysterious man in the hood is finally revealed!


Jupiter’s Legacy #4 by Image Comics

Brandon and his Uncle Walter have instigated the superhero revolution, but there are those who would still stand against them. On the other side of the world, Chloe and Hutch are hiding with their enormous secret and hoping to evade the man charged with hunting renegade super humans.


Moon Knight #1 by Marvel Comics

Marc Spector is Moon Knight!… Or is he? It’s hard to tell these days, especially when New York’s wildest vigilante protects the street with two-fisted justice and three – that’s right, count ’em – different personalities! But even with the mystical force of Khonshu fueling his crusade, how does the night’s greatest detective save a city that’s as twisted as he is? The road to victory is going to hurt. A lot. Marvel’s most mind-bending adventure begins NOW as Moon Knight sleuths his way to the rotten core of New York’s most bizarre mysteries


New Warriors #2 by Marvel Comics

The Evolutionaries are on the war path! If it’s not human, it DIES.

What does the High Evolutionary want with Nova?

All across the world, the New Warriors come together…

SEE! Sun Girl and Haechi deal with Morlocks!

WITNESS! Justice and Speedball fight to save magic!

CRINGE! As Scarlet Spider refuses to play well with others.


Saviors #3 by Image Comics

Tomas Ramirez is now in the small Mexican coastal town of La Calma, where other new freedom fighters allies intend to test a device to end the threat of the aliens forever. But the aliens have a counterattack plan of their own, so this certainly will be the Day of the Dead.


Starlight #1 by Image Comics

Forty years ago, Duke McQueen was the space hero who saved the universe. But then he came back home, got married, had kids and grew old. Now his children have left and his wife has passed away, leaving him alone with nothing except his memories… until a call comes from a distant world asking him back for his final and greatest adventure. This issue launches the much-anticipated Millarworld Universe. Get in on the start of something MASSIVE!


Trillium #7 by DC/Vertigo

The penultimate issue of Vertigo’s acclaimed sci-fi epic is here, and Nika and William are out of time-literally! The last love story ever told nears its conclusion…but what waits beyond the end of the universe? You’ll have to read to find out


Veil #1 by Dark Horse Comics

A beautiful girl wakes up in an abandoned subway station with no memory of how she got there. When men try to hurt her… they wind up dead. Where did she come from? And what is she capable of?

An all-new series from Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka! Art by Toni Fejzula (Cthulhu). A surprising new heroine from the creator of Lazarus and Queen and Country!