Geeks were the real Superbowl winners


Iron Man 3 trailer

Baltimore Ravens may have won the game but last night was really a victory for geeks everywhere as multiple geekdom movie trailers premiered and a nerd got to make out with a hot swimsuit model in that slightly creepy commercial. The two trailers I was most looking forward to was Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 both which delivered. Here are the many teaser trailers from last night.


Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

Lone Ranger trailer

Oz the Great and Powerful trailer

World War Z trailer

Don’t forget Wil Wheaton in the #SteerTheScript commercial!

Bland Weekend for Football

The Texans showed why they had the 1 seed locked up until they let it slip through their fingers in the final weeks. The protected Shaub like they had for the majority of the season. They started off slow and sluggish, but in the second half turned it up on the Bengals. Marvin Lewis showed that he is still incapable to make the adjustments needed to win big games. Foster is the first nfl player to have 100 yard games in each of his first 3 playoff games. The Bengals were only in this game due to Leon Hall and the defense, if Shaub had made a better decision, game wouldnt have even been close. Dalton had -6 yards passing in the first half. Dalton was pedestrian on the day, 14 for 30 for 127 yards, and 1 INT.

Christian Ponder had a bruised triceps…a fucking bruised triceps, and he doesn’t play the game?! Take a shot, suck it up, and get out and try to win a playoff game. I don’t care if it was on your throwing arm or not, in the playoffs, you do what you can to put your team in the best position to win. If you have to be pulled and benched, at least you went out and did what you could, instead of putting in a guy who hadn’t thrown a pass all year. He ain’t Charlie Batch. That deserved a loss right there, and that is what came out of it. Vikings couldn’t get anything going, and even Peterson couldn’t win the game solely on his legs.

There still better not be any talk of Flacco being Elite after this game. Luck’s luck ran out. All Joe is good for is throwing the ball up, and hoping a receiver gets it, or the defensive gets called for Pass Interference. The defense played on fire for the ravens, due to Lewis being back on the field. He almost had a pick, but his cyborg arm just couldn’t bring it in. The Colt’s squandered opportunities to score, and they were hindered by the absence of their OC, who was in the hospital, but they still had chances to score to tie, and they let them slip by. Hopefully they learn from this game. This is Ray’s last game at M&T Bank. Next week though, they aren’t facing a rookie QB.

RG3 was hurt worse than he wanted to let on, even though that didn’t seem to hinder him at the start of the game when they jumped out by 14, but by halftime, you could tell that his knee was bothering him, whether he wanted to admit it or not. Shanahan should have made the call and put in Kirk Cousins after the half, but probably gave him the benefit of the doubt. By the 4th quarter though, he definitely should have been pulled though. Seattle and the defense did their job, and played hard on the road where they have been lackluster this season. Seattle has to go into Atlanta next week, and probably hope on rust and the fact that Atlanta and Matt Ryan haven’t won a playoff game.

Ravings of a Football Lunatic

So the Ravens FINALLY fired Cam Cameron. He has held that offense back for years. Now all they need to do is fire Dean Pees after the season, and get a better QB, and they might have a chance next year. They all should have been let go last week, after a  38 year old QB (Charlie Batch) completely embarrassed the Ravens (much like Pitt got embarrassed by the Chargers yesterday). But then to top it off, you let RG3 outplay you, and then allow Kirk Cousins to score on you, and do enough to win in OT is just inexcusable. John Harbaugh should be worried, especially if they lose out, because lets face it, Harbaugh hasn’t done anything to make that team better. He rode the Defense to the playoffs each and every year, and now that it is injury riddled, they flounder around.

Denvers Defense makes it a playoff contender, but with Manning at the helm, he gives them a good chance to go to the Super Bowl.

What happened to Matty Ice yesterday? Allowing his team to suck the big one against Carolina.

Seattle looks legit.

Washington will go as far as RG3’s knee allows him to take them.

St. Louis beat came back to beat buffalo, but that isn’t really a feat in itself.

I hated having to root for Dallas towards the end of the Cincy game, but with Pitt playing like complete shit and losing, I wanted Cincy to lose as well.

Cleveland could very well get to 8 wins this season.

The Vikings should probably draft a QB late in the Draft this coming year. I would like to see Peterson get the single season rushing record, but with 3 games left, he would be hard pressed to get 500+ yards.

The Eagles finally ended their 9 game skid against Tampa Bay. Tampa might have had a bad day, since Philly still sucks.

Arizona got raped like a girl in a dark alley without lube.

This week Drew Brees only had 2 INT’s, which is a big improvement. He might need an explanation on that one.

The Steelers…my god where to even begin. See, this is what happens when you blow your load the week before. This game was a complete abortion, and they should have been forced to walk to San Diego as punishment. It only looked close on the scoreboard, because all the points and yards came in garbage time. You know your RB’s and OL played like shit, when your QB (in his first week back, after a rib and shoulder injury) is 1 yard shy of tying your lead RB..San Diego was garbage the whole season, until yesterday’s game. I HOPE the play of the whole team was due to them adjusting to Ben coming back, like the Cleveland game was adjusting to Charlie playing for the first time. Hopefully they show up against the Cowboys next week, but I doubt they will. Oh and Curtis Brown, you know you played bad when you get benched for a guy who was just brought in off the Practice Squad.

And for tonights game, the Texans are getting schooled.

NFL Week 10

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Indy won, but I don’t think anyone thought differently.

Indianapolis 27

Jacksonville 10

Oakland at Baltimore

Oakland has to travel, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they won. The Ravens defense just isn’t very good this year. They can’t stop the pass, they can’t stop the run, their offensive line has been doing a piss poor job, and if they decide to let Flacco be “Elite”, then they have no chance of winning. The best thing they can do is give the ball to Rice and run, run, and run. Then again, this is a Cam Cameron led offense, and he has no imagination, so I expect a lot of stagnant play by the the Ravens.

Oakland 21

Baltimore 20

Denver at Carolina

John Fox will be looking for payback, and Cam Newton can’t stop turning the ball over at the wrong time. Denver will cruise, Manning will have 3 TD’s, and will probably sit out the 4th quarter.

Denver 31

Carolina 10

NY Giants at Cincinnati

Eli Manning has been pretty crappy lately, and it isn’t because he has a “tired” arm. With most quarterbacks, they make the players around them better. In the Giants case, the other players make Manning look better than he is. When they can’t produce, Manning looks bad. Like Green has said, the Giants D has holes, and I think Cincinnati and its passing attack with Dalton to Green can expose it. Plus, the Giants won’t have the refs giving them 14 points to start with.

Cincinnati 14

NY Giants 10

Tennessee at Miami

The titans will be looking to rebound from that pathetic showing against the Bears, and with Locker possibly coming back to play just as Hasselbeck started choking, it isn’t shocking. Whether its Moore at QB or Tannehill, the Dolphins win this easily.

Tennessee 7

Miami 21

Detroit at Minnesota

Percy Harvin more than likely isn’t playing, Ponder has looked normal as of late. The only way the Vikings don’t lose this one is if Ponder turns around and gives the ball to Peterson. The Lions have scored at least 28 points the last 2 games, and they seem to be getting their act together at the right time.

Detroit 21

Minnesota 18

Buffalo at New England

Buffalo is….well Buffalo

Buffalo 14

New England 45

Atlanta at New Orleans

This will be a shootout. Matt Ryan vs Drew Brees, the one equalizer is that the Falcon’s defense doesn’t suck like New Orleans defense. Michael Turner will get at least 80 yards rushing, 1 TD, Roddy White will have over 100 yards receiving, and New Orleans won’t be in this game at all.

Atlanta 28

New Orleans 13

San Diego at Tampa Bay

Vincent Jackson will be facing his old team. Phillip Rivers can’t get anything going, and this week will not be any different. By the end of the game, Rivers will have his usual “derp” face, and Norv Turner will be praying to Tebow that he doesn’t get fired.

San Diego 16

Tampa Bay 24

New York Jets at Seattle

Sanchez is terrible, Tebow isn’t any better. They have no run game, and their defense is a shell of it’s former self. You could put my dad in and he could get things going better offensively than Sanchez. Marshawn Lynch will run wild on the Jets D. The game will be over by halftime. Over/under on Sanchez caused turnovers is set at 2

Jets 6

Seattle 21

Dallas at Philadelphia

The second annual “Turnover Bowl”. The real question will be, turns it over more, Romo or Vick? Neither offense will be able to drive the length of the field for points, so the only points that will be scored will be from turnovers and short fields. Romo will throw his patented late game pick six to seal the game.

Dallas 14

Philadelphia 17

St. Louis at San Francisco

Sam Bradford is a decent Qb, but the guy I feel the worst for is Steven Jackson. He is such a good RB, but he has been stuck on a terrible St Louis team for so long, he deserves whatever praise he gets. Alex Smith will manage the game, and Frank Gore will run all over St Louis.

St Louis 10

San Francisco 21

Houston at Chicago

This will be the game of the week. Matt Shaub and Arian Foster against Chicago’s tough Defense. If Houston can limit the turnovers, then they should beat Chicago. If they have even one turnover, it will probably spell a loss for Houston. If they can get to Cutler and rattle him, he will make mistakes.

Houston 21

Chicago 18

Kansas City at Pittsburgh

Todd Haley will be looking for payback against KC for firing him last season. They have no QB, Matt Cassel is starting in place of Quinn, who has a concussion. The last time Cassel played the Steelers, he was in New England, and he got completely rolled.

Kansas City 10

Pittsburgh 32

Football Picks, Week 8

Carolina at Chicago

Cam Newton will continue his trend of throwing picks at the wrong time, pissing the game away, and today will not be any different.



San Diego at Cleveland

San Diego had the bye week, and its the Browns, so San Diego should win this no sweat

San Diego -34


Seattle at Detroit

Seattle has a shockingly good defense this year, and like the last couple of years, Detroit is undisciplined, and will soon be known like the Raiders of the 70’s. If the Seahawks can limit Stafford to Megatron, Detroit wont have a chance to win the game.



Jacksonville at Green Bay

Gabbert is probable, so if he plays, it will be another week he gets to impersonate an NFL QB. Charles Woodson is done, but lets be honest, he wasn’t much a force on that defense this year, so he won’t be missed. I have Rodgers starting this week, and it’s against Jacksonville, so I look for him to put up big numbers against the terrible Jacksonville team.


Green Bay-33

Miami at NY Jets

Ryan Tannehill won’t put up big numbers, but he won’t need to, just feed the rock to Reggie Bush and let him run at the overrated Rex Ryan defense. Mark Sanchez will once again look like a confused deer, and the crowd will be chanting to Tebow by halftime.


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Due to the storms up north, Michael Vick will finally have an reason to blame all his fumble and interceptions on. The over/under on Vick turnovers is set at 3. Matt Ryan will put up at least 300, 2 TDs, and Michael Turner will have a 100 yard day.



Washington at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a habit of making rookie QB’s look just like rookie QB’s, and today won’t be any different. Jonathan Dwyer will continue to run the rock, and show Mendenhall how a RB runs north and south, with no dancing involved. Roethlisberger will have another 300 yard game, will continue to be money on 3rd and long. Antonio Brown will continue to show why he got the contract instead of Wallace.



New England vs St Louis (in London)

I hate London games. The “host” team loses a home game in their actual home stadium, and these games are just another reason that Goodell is terrible for the NFL. Tom Brady will get the protection that most QB’s don’t normally get. If you look at Brady wrong its a 15 yard penalty, whereas some QB’s can get their nose broken, and the ref will say they were just trying to tackle you.

New England-42

St Louis-24

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Matt Hasselbeck will continue making the case that even when Locker is healthy, he should still be the starter. Locker needs to sit the rest of the year and let Matt handle the rest of the season.  Andrew Luck will get picked off in the final minutes, making the game a loss for the Colts.



Oakland at Kansas City

The stinker of the week. Carson Palmer and the Raiders versus Brady Quinn and the Chiefs. “This will be the game of the week” said no one ever.


Kansas City-6
NY Giants at Dallas

Will the Cowboys finally be able to beat the Giants in Jerry Dome? No. DeMarco Murray might not be playing, which would put more pressure on Romo, and we all know what that means. When the pressure is on, Romo is unable to handle it, and will do his best impression of Neil O’Donnell in Super Bowl 30. Eli Manning so far the last couple of seasons has been the king of 4th quarter comebacks, but that won’t be necessary in today’s game. Cowboys will score fist, but will be playing catch up the rest of the game.

NY Giants-27


New Orleans at Denver

Faith Hill will continue to show she looks better in a skirt instead of a pleather outfit. The Saints will continue the “Us against the world”, will continue to claim innocence, and when the Saints lose, Drew Brees will need an explanation. Manning will throw all over the Saints Defense, and won’t even be sacked once.

New Orleans-20

Denver- 32

San Francisco at Arizona

Even if the 49er’s win, John Harbaugh will find something to whine and complain about, proving more and more he is a smug, arrogant bastard. The Cardinals still have issues at QB, and they have lost like 3 RB’s and are now starting a no name back. If Whisenhunt isn’t careful, he might find himself jobless after the season. Alex Smith will have to play better than last week, but against this Cardinals team, he just has to not turn the ball over, and their will be no issue with the 49er’s winning this game.

San Francisco-24


The Ravens have the bye week, so the only good thing for them is their old defense wont be exposed again, and Joe Flacco won’t make a fool of himself this week.

Football Rantings, Week 7

Baltimore at Houston

The whole nation saw yesterday, that Ray Rice is the real MVP of this team, and if the game is put in Joe Flacco’s hands, he is unable to get it done. Yes the defense was garbage, but when your best player only get 14 touches all game, Cam Cameron needs to be fired. He has about as much business being an Offensive Coordinator as Norv Turner has being an NFL coach. I thought they would have learned their lesson from last year, and that being give Rice the damn ball. When you play against tough defenses, limit your “Elite wishful thinking” QB, and give it to an Elite RB. If Flacco wants to claim he is “Elite”, then he has a lot of work to do, because he isn’t even the best QB in the division.

The defense was terrible as well, but injuries aren’t an excuse. All teams have them, and it should always be “next man up”. So what if Lewis is out for the season. The last couple of years, hes always been at least the 2nd or 3rd guy in on a tackle anyways. Cut Jimmy Smith. He got burned and abused all day, and couldn’t stop a thing. It’s sad when your best player defensively is a guy who comes back for his first game after surgery and missing the first 6 weeks due to being on the PUP list.

Houston left some points on the field, because with the way Baltimore played, they could have at least put 50 up on them, easily.

NY Jets at New England

I hear Vince Young is looking for a job.

Mark Sanchez will NEVER lead the Jets anywhere. He has been lucky enough to be an average at best game manager due to the Jets used to have a tough Defense. Not anymore. Hell, I’m thinking its about time to try Tebow at QB, because lets face it, it cant get much worse, they just looked lost out there today. Rex Ryan needs to just stop talking, he’s embarrassing himself, and his team.

Pittsburgh at Cincinatti

“In Rooney we trust”

Last night proved why Antonio Brown got the contract extension this offseason, and not Wallace. Brown is fast, can run routes, and most importantly, can CATCH THE DAMN  BALL. Wallace had 8 catches all night, but it should have been 11, and the 2 that he dropped were drive killers, and forced a punt. So Wallace, you need to give Ike Taylor his hands of stone back, and start catching the ball, or you will see another receiver get a contract this offseason (yeah I’m lookin at you, Emmanuel “ow leg cramp” Sanders. Another big shout out to big Willie Colon, they should keep you at Guard, you were in beast mode last night. Legursky deserves a little bit more money, for actually being a serviceable backup for our Offensive Line. Been played good other than the fumble  inside our own 10, and his brain fart of a throw into tight coverage. I hope Harrison and Woodley get 100%, and get their fast, as well as Troy, but if we are all being honest here, this might just be Troy’s last year in Black N Gold.

Ive been dogging this defense for the last couple of weeks, but last night, I’m glad they finally decided to show up and hold a 4th quarter lead, giving the Offense the ability to just run the clock out. As much as I hate to think about it, this might be the great Dick Lebeau’s last season as the DC, but that shouldn’t be a problem, since everyone practically knows the LB coach, Keith Butler, will be taking over when Dick finally decides to hang it up. I just hope we can handle RG3 coming in this week.

Once again, Marvin Lewis has no clue on how to challenge plays correctly.  Oh and can someone tell the refs that even if Cincinatti calls a timeout, Pittsburgh is still allowed to call one afterwards as well. Me thinks a replacement ref snuck in for that play.

Oh and Cincy fans, way to support your team…I expect to hear” HEEATH!” calls from the crowd at home games, but at away games, that just proves that you really arent behind your team when you let 7-9k fans make more noise than you. The one bright spot for Cincy is Vontaze Burfict, dude will be an awesome player, it just sucks he landed in Cincinatti. On the bright side, the Bengals shouldn’t worry about losing next week though 🙂

Oh and Charles Woodson broke his collarbone.