56 Days Until DragonCon

Geek Triumvirate will be making its annual pilgrimage to DragonCon in Atlanta again this year.  To countdown the days we will be sharing images, videos, and helpful tips from our previous visits.

Here is a picture of Garret Wang aka Ensign Kim for Star Trek: Voyager.  He was director of the Star Trek trax that year at DragonCon and spent a good 20 minutes talking to us about his clothing line Cosmic City, our impressions of DC, other cons in the Southeast.  A great experience and big reason we keep going back is great encounters with the geek/nerd culture.

Garrett Wang showing off his Cosmic City Doctor Who steampunk t-shirt http://cosmiccitytees.bigcartel.com/
Garrett Wang aka Ensign Kim of Star Trek: Voyager showing off his Cosmic City Doctor Who steampunk t-shirt. From DragonCon 2012

Geeks were the real Superbowl winners


Iron Man 3 trailer

Baltimore Ravens may have won the game but last night was really a victory for geeks everywhere as multiple geekdom movie trailers premiered and a nerd got to make out with a hot swimsuit model in that slightly creepy Godaddy.com commercial. The two trailers I was most looking forward to was Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 both which delivered. Here are the many teaser trailers from last night.


Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

Lone Ranger trailer

Oz the Great and Powerful trailer

World War Z trailer

Don’t forget Wil Wheaton in the #SteerTheScript commercial!