Geek & Tie: Teefury Grab Bag

Yesterday my mystery grab bag order came in from Teefury.  I ordered a lady shirt my girlfriend and a shirt for myself.  I was mostly worried we both get a design from the others fandom. Thankfully it all worked out as girlfriend my tee was a mashup of Sleeping Beauty and Doctor Who by KHallion.  Mine was a Doctor Who and E.T. mashup by Wirdou.  Will update with photos later of us wearing our shirts.  I plan to keep this a regularly post about making your wardrobe more geek friendly.
1388507047_b-MCO-dream 1388447723_b-MCO-dw

Flashback sequence: Images of MegaCon 2012

For the full set of Images visit my Flickr here MegaCon 2012

Quick Jump to the Edge of Space

We all have wanted our very own TARDIS; the ability to go where ever and whenever would be phenomenal! Where we can’t take a trip through the vortex with the Doctor a few people in the UK have done the next best thing with, TARDIS: The Edge of Space Project.

The project raised money for a children’s cancer charity, and allowed donors (above a certain amount) to give small messages that would be put inside the TARDIS giving them is essence a quick trip!

To learn more about this project or watch their videos you can go to the Facebook page here
TARDIS: The Edge of Space Project

Bow Ties are Cool!