The Crimson Horror

tchStrax possibly talking strategy with Vashtra and Jenny

tch2The Sweetville candy factory

tch3Good to see this room back, wonder if she will be drinking blood again

tch4What did he just find?

tch5There always seems to be some sinister old woman behind everything that is dastardly

tch6The graininess of this shot seems to be important, and timey-wimey

tch7Oh, eye see what you did there….

tch8Strax finally gets to shoot things

tch9Such a cute couple


  • The Doctor has a bit of an accent
  • “My special Monster”
  • You’ll meet the first ever Tom Tom
  • Something happens to Clara that many a fan boy wish they could do
  • I think the Doctor has a bit of a thing for Jenny
  • The chair is mightier than the ***********

Next Time Trailer

Preview #1

Attack of the Super Models

Demons Run, 2 Days Later

If you were like us, you were wondering what happened to Strax, since we thought we saw him die, and yet in the Christmas special he was alive and kicking. Well, looks like the Moff realeased that needed to be answered, so the BBC release a short 3 minute video showing what happened after the Doctor left and River was returning everyone to their respective locations.